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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Is The North Still Afraid Of Secession Or Restructuring?

   •Buhari and Northern Governors at            State house, Abuja recently

The Daily Crucible | Published Wednesday, October 27, 2021

By Dr Uche Diala 

I have broached this topic in the past but as I still read and hear some of my brethren from the South, especially my South East opine, I feel they still do not get it. I will keep trying to make sense to us in the hope that more might get it.

My worry is; will we be interested in reading? If we read, will we be interested in understanding?
If we understand, will we be interested in humbly acknowledging and doing anything meaningful about it? We keep trying nonetheless.

First up, the bottom line is; the North, if ever it was is no longer afraid of both restructuring and secession. Indeed the North is preparing for both eventualities should push come to shove.

This much I captured in a piece I wrote titled "Who Says The North Is Afraid Of Secession?" In that piece, I gave some examples of how the North is preparing for that eventuality; from politics to infrastructure to agriculture to psychological preparation of their people. 

I asked a seemingly pedestrian question but a key pointer at that thus: Has anyone bothered to ask why the North has not bothered to retaliate any provocation from the South in recent years; in spite of provocations; whether in rhetoric from the South or when Northerners are killed in the South?

Think about it. Apart from allowing peace to reign, they simply have refused to take the bait. The North has gotten the brief and is getting ready in deed not in words, while we in the South especially the South East are doing what? Your candid answer would be appreciated.

At the same time that the North is preparing for any future turn in the tide should it come to that, it is also focused on the now and 2023, knowing that we live in the now and nothing is guaranteed for tomorrow just yet.

In any case, if secession or restructuring do not happen, they lose nothing. It would have better developed its region for its people and for the future. Again I ask: What is the South and especially the South East doing?

Recently, I highlighted some of the exceptional infrastructural developments going on in the North; in spite of the insecurity and all the hullabaloo, using Kaduna state and Malam Nasir El-Rufai as examples and asked: What are we in the South East and our own Governors doing? A few of us took up arms, leaving the crux of the matter and the message.

I truly find it funny; going by some of the things I read and hear that some of us in the South still think that the North is illiterate, backward and primitive. Or that their people are still docile and ignorant. Those of us who still think so need an upgrade. 

A people are not backward or primitive because they are backward and primitive. A people truly become backward and primitive when they stop moving, thinking and growing. When they believe they are okay, better than others and have no room or need for growth and improvement. 

Hence the North acknowledges its challenges and inadequacies whether it is in governance, education or in cultural challenges like the Almajiri system and confronts them head on. At least it genuinely tries to.

While the North still has a large population of people not going to school or acquiring formal education per population sample, largely because of its population, the North equally has a large population of very well educated and exposed citizenry and it is growing exponentially. And they are deliberately and strategically selecting the disciplines they are going into like IT, aeronautics, space engineering, Agricultural Engineering etc. This is not by accident. It is deliberate.

Permit me to recall the time that student visas to Malaysia was the vogue a few short years ago. Many of our South Eastern youths as well as many Northern youths took advantage because of the nature of Malaysia. 

The unfortunate thing was (and I speak from experience), while many of the Northern youths got admission into disciplines in IT, Communications, Space Technology etc, went and actually studied, many of our South East youths who got the same student visas actually went but majority of them never went to school for a day. They went into 'other' things. 

That was essentially the birth of the 'Malaysia syndrome' and 'ego mbute syndrome' in the South East that we are struggling with today. I am not worried about the problem. My real worry is what are we doing about the problem? Do we even acknowledge the problem? Or we are obsessed with blaming everyone else for all our problems?

On the contrary, many of those Northern kids (some I know personally) who went to Malaysia on the same student visas have returned within the last 15 years or so, some with MScs in fields like aeronautics, space technology, IT etc and they have been integrated into Agencies like NESREA, Nigeria Space Technology Agency etc and deservedly so. I can point to 3 or 4 I know personally having being their family Optometrist since they were kids.

By the way, even as some of us think the North is largely backward (which is factually untrue), it is in the North that a people can still reject a money bag who gifts them money, rice and beans and choose a tea seller; if they are convinced he is a better leader. They buy him a car, contribute money for him and line up to vote for him and no one can change that. So what are we talking about?

Let me be clear

Please I am not saying all these to diss or insult any one, people, tribe or region but just maybe that we might wake up and smell the coffee.

The world is moving on. Merely staying obsessed with your perceived enemy, talking, hating and abusing him is no strategy to win a battle. Rather developing yourself to make yourself more competitive in an ever advancing and increasingly sophisticated world is the new world order. That is exactly how China has approached its 'war' with the United States and Taiwan its 'agro' with China.

The reason for 'landlord travel and see' is so that one can see the positives in others and add to one's own positives to make one a better person and give one comparative advantage over one's competitors or if you like enemies. If you close your eyes not to see bad people and things, good people and things will equally pass unnoticed.

Your education, exposure and wealth are of no use to your people if you cannot repatriate the good and positive things you acquire through education, travel and exposure to add value and make your people better. If your education and exposure do not change your own outlook, reasoning and attitude thereby making you better than those uneducated or at home to tell them the truth and change their mindset and outlook, then it might just be a waste. Unfortunately. There is only so much use your money can be to them.

I come in peace. It is those you truly love that you chastise and tell the truth. In all, I remain positive and hopeful that we can still redeem ourselves for the sake of ourselves and future generations.

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