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Friday, October 8, 2021

Henry Farrar : His Missionary Works In Akwa Ibom And Prophesies About Governor Ikpeazu 57 Years Ago

The Daily Crucible | Published Friday,  October 8, 2021

By Da Effiong Daniel 

A lot of critics may not understand the potency of prophesies and visions; some may sneer at claims of intuition as a source of knowledge and of certain postulations. Be that as it may, one main fact that should not be ruled out is the existence of ultimate knowledge that transcends the realm of the physical. Some individual possess special spiritual ability to decode events and activities cloaked by mysteries and reveal them to humans. One of such persons is Dr. Henry Farrar. 
  From Nigerian Christian Hospital Onicha Ngwa, Dr. Henry Farrar came as a young man to the land of Ikot Nsekong, Abiakpo Ikot Abasi Inyang, now in Akwa Ibom State, in about July 1964. He was a medical missionary from the Church of Christ. After he was received, he instantly began his ministry at IKPAISONG shrine. Farrar was renowned for speaking to the Ikpaisong shrine as unto a man, and it exploded. (Ikpaisong - a deity symbolized by a mud pot and believed  to be the strongest of all deities within the regions of Efiks, Ibibios and environs, exploded like a dynamite while  being addressed to by Dr. Henry Farrar in the presence of the mixed traditional cum cultural multitude that gathered to have a glimpse  of a Whiteman that visited a typical local community of an African setting.)

Most of the evangelical works Dr. Henry Farrar did at Abiakpo Ikot Abasi Inyang were directly against the ancient system and traditional religious practices he viewed as repugnant. He would destroy the shrine, condemn killing of twins, clear evil forests and declared Sunday the sole sacred day.  Most of his activities drew the ire of the traditionalists.  Sources within area like Mr. Udo Inyang, Sunday Nsekong, Elder Peter Essien, Akon John Akpan and Evang. Ime Eyara of the Church of Christ Abiakpo Ikot Abasi Inyang could variously attest to hostility that rose against the American medical missionary. 

Henry Farrar was quoted as saying thus: I thought I was doing good thing for the people but they misunderstood me of doing evil and what I was sent to do here. I am not happy, I know God is not happy.” 

According to Eyara, “he was full of the spirit and said: God will raise a seed (someone) for me that will recognize that God sent me here (Abiakpo) to destroy the works of the devil in Africa. Do you see this land? These idols will be destroyed and cleansed and this land will be a holy land.” 

Farrar’s regrets melted the hearts of indigenes like Mr. Udo Ekong, Mr. John Akpan and his wife Akon John. They begged him, Sir mbok k’uyong, meaning, Sir please don’t go.  But he said, “I am going to Ngwa where I dwell. Do you see this land? The seed I plant here will grow and produce fruits that will come for me even to America. And at that time they will say, blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord. Yes I know I will come back to this land else I am not satisfied. This land must know Jesus Christ and do away with idols and will be a holy land… God will answer my cry for Ngwa people  and a king will rise among them  where I dwell  who will rule and that time  the  people will want to be alone.”
But what really changed after the events were foretold many decades ago? We have to look at the present and know the new occurrences. 
As at that time Farrar prophesied in 1964, there was no Abia State, and Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, an Ngwa son, who is now the Governor of Abia State, was not there. Farrar is vindicated. I declare, To you DR Victor Ikprazu, God knew you before you were born and ordained you a king from Ngwa land where the American medical missionary (Dr Henry Farrar) dwelt.

Based on my research, Dr. Farrar was sent by God as a man full of the Holy Spirit with the mission to uproot African deities like Ekang, Ikpaisong etc. that held sway in Abiakpo Ikot Nsekong. Farrar had made utterance about seed, which has to do with (someone) that will recognize Farrar’s work in our land. As I come to realize, given the responsibility Evang. Ime Eyara personally placed on to me before he died, I come to feel the seed in me. More so, Dr. Ikpaezu has fitted into the prophecy as the “king” from Ngwa where Farrar dwelt.
Farrar’s prophesy also mentioned people wanting to be dwell alone. Certainly the people now "dwell alone" as Abia, divided from Imo state. Abia State is one of the states in the south eastern Nigeria which was created out of the old Imo State on 27th October, 1991. The name of its capital is Umuahia. God sent the prophetic words through Dr Henry Farrar for the creation of Abia state including raising a king from Ngwa land where the American dwelt.

 The word “king” is the “Governor” as used in the contemporary democratic Nigeria. Dr Ikpaezu has fulfilled the prophesy as the Governor of Abia State. I remembered how Evangelist Eyara recounted his dream to me in 2009 about Ngwa in Abia State. He said: “my son, I saw in my dream owning a very green farmland in Ngwa. There, the people loved me despite telling them that I was ostracized in my village and I came here. One man asked why? I said for the sake of the gospel. And I started preaching to them and a bright light was shown to me on how the house of the man that ostracized me was dark and my new land very green.

“While there, someone came and he turned out to be a very small boy. He gave me handshakes and I said you are the king of the Ngwa people and we walked together and I wake up.”
Given the foregoing, God has raised in my time Dr. Victor Ikpeazu as a ‘king’ from Ngwa to rule Abia as prophesied in July I964 in my community. That same year Farrar prophesied, Ikpeazu was born, precisely on 18th October 1964, and he has been the governor since May 29, 2015.
 It appears God sent Dr. Henry Farrar from United States to serve as a bridge between Annang and Ngwa for physical and spiritual work. 
When I began a research, I learnt that Dr. Farrar, while destroying Ikpaisong, was heard pronouncing it as Ikpeazu. A name that looks like wrong pronunciation or a mistake in the mouth of Dr. Henry Farrar was actually the name of a man that would actualize the prophesy at appropriate time.  

The name as was pronounced by Dr. Farrar after, but after his death in 2010, came to limelight in Abia State politics. It seems to me that it wasn’t a mistake but the Holy Spirit inspired pronouncement of a king that will come out from Ngwa where he dwelt as predicted.
It is time for Governor Ikpeazu to see himself as king that would change the fortunes of Ngwa people.  He should work towards leaving indelible legacies and understand that his reign is a watershed of great era for his people.  He should understand that he was made in the past and handed over as a source of blessing to the present generation. 

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