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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Diabetes : What To Do If Your Gene Imposes Strict Lifestyle On You


The Daily Crucible | Published Saturday, October 30, 2021

By Chiddie Anyasodo

I got people reach out to me after my facebook post bordering on health and staying fit over 24 hours ago. 

Those with health issues like Blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and other weight management issues. I really do empathize with you all. 

I have people in my family with all these issues so I have seen first hand how eating unhealthy food and living an unhealthy lifestyle made them have very poor life experience. 

For some of them it is 100% genetic. I had cousins that became diabetic at 21 years old, 30 years old eating same thing everyone was eating. Blindness from glaucoma caused by diabetes . Early high BP and obesity. These are all from my mom’s side. Meanwhile, on my father’s side, they are as skinny as ropes, no matter what they eat. 

My Dad’s mom died at 94, very skinny and fit but ate Akpu morning, afternoon and night. Drank coke and co everyday. Same with her sister and brother. They died at 100 plus and 96 respectively. 

However, I didn’t get that beautiful gene, I got the one that requires me to watch what I eat and how I live. I have known this since I was a child. Only that I didn’t know the extent I was affected. 

So if I you are in this category with us, where our genes insist that we are strict with our lifestyle, the following tips will help. This is how I live;

1. Always make sure that your doctor knows your medical history. Your doctor should be your good friend.

2. Run regular healthy checks. I check my blood pressure regularly. Started this at 27yrs because of the family history. I do blood tests every month, to check my cholesterol, fbc, renal function, glucose etc. I monitor myself constantly to know if there is any change I need to be mindful of. 

3. Start eating healthy: I eat very healthy. I slipped at a certsin point in my life and paid dearly for it with my health. Now I am back and fully committed. I follow a ketogenic lifestyle. You can google this. There are lots of experts that advocate this. It’s not for everyone. However, it’s very good for people like us with carbohydrate and hormonal issues. Adding Green Vegetables and oat fibre will bulk up your food and keep you full for longer plus the health benefits. Drink a lot of water too.

4.  Check with your doctor if you need multivitamins. Lots of obese people lack one vitamin/micronutrient or the other. I take good multivitamins as advised by doctor after my blood tests. 

5. I fast - I do intermittent fasting, alternate day fasting and extended fasting. Fasting helps you reduce insulin secretion. Note that insulin tells the body to start storing fat. Fasting can also help to improve insulin sensitivity. Fasting improves autophagy which helps recycle old cells. ( read the book Obesity Code by Dr Jung to learn more. You can join his group The Fasting Method Network by Dr. Jason Fung & Megan Ramos)

6. Start exercising ( 8000- 10,000 steps a day) I exercise a lot - I was very sedentary and always sitting down because of tiredness, pains and working from home. Note carbohydrates caused the pains and tiredness. Then I forced myself to start running and walking everyday. I started from 1,000 steps a day. Today I can walk up to 32,000 a day  steps without feeling it. Exercise makes the heart stronger, makes you lose weight, improves your immunity , lowers cholesterol, controls blood pressure, lowers  blood glucose and many other benefits 

7. Get a Fit Bit or Exercise monitor - I use my Apple Watch. It monitors my exercise and some health vitals which gives me idea of everything I do daily. It also monitors the calories I burn daily. 

8. Have a weighing scale in your house. I use Renpho. It checks my weight, fat, bmr, water content, bones, protein and sends to my phone. Plots a graph of weight history 

9. Meditate: It helps keep you in the present, moderate your breathing, relieve stress and clear your head. 

10. Find a licensed Dietician to help plan your meal because bodies could differ. Make sure they take your health tests into consideration. Your dietician will help you calculate your right macros - grams of carb, protein, fat you should eat per day based on your body. 

Chiddie Anyasodo is a relationship coach and former International field engineer at Schlumberger. 

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