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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Why Alaafin Confers Titles Covering Yorubaland - Yoruba Obas

•Oba Adeyemi 111

The Alaafin of Oyo Oba Lamidi Adeyemi 111 recently  gave insight into why he bestows chieftaincy titles that cover Yorubaland.

Oba Adeyemi revealed he alone has the exclusive right to confer such  chieftaincy titles on deserving holders.

The monarch made this known in his palace a week ago while conferring the titles of Ayedero of Yorubaland and Atobaase of Yorubaland on Hon. Shina Peller and Dr. Babajide Agunbiade respectively.

Peller is a serving lawmaker representing lseyin/ltesiwaju/ Kajola/lwajowa constituency at the House of Representatives while  Agunbiade is a United States-based Oil engineer.

Justifying the titles, which cover the entire Yorubaland, Oba Adeyemi said the two deserving Yoruba sons were worthy of the titles having proved to be outstanding in their chosen careers.

The monarch said: “As I have always made known at every occasion and event such as this one, our pride as Yoruba is in our intrinsic traditions and cultural heritage.

“Yoruba as a race or nation evolved a superb constitution which though unwritten but is daintily and unequivocally observed by strong convention.

“The Yoruba chieftaincy institution is the pillar indeed, the bedrock of our system of government.

” A traditional ruler cannot, therefore, afford to be despotic without dire consequences. He, therefore, must rule within honourable norms of our traditions.

“The Alaafin from time immemorial is the king and head of the Yoruba nation. He is the only king in Yoruba land who can confer chieftaincy title to a worthy individual, man or woman, to cover the whole of Yoruba land. In exercise of this right, successive Alaafin of Oyo had been guided by due process in appointment of Yoruba to chieftainces that cover the whole of Yoruba land.”

According to the revered traditional ruler, as reported earlier  by The Daily Crucible, the recipients were recognised sons of Yoruba nation, adding that they were trusted with the mantles to bear the cultural heritage of the Yoruba race in a worthy manner.

Also, later report by Vanguard and pictorial evidence on Oyo empire facebook page appeared to coroborate the Alaafin's position. 


Throwing his weight behind the Alaafin, the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Akanbi, said the title, Alaafin, conferred leadership on the monarch in the region, considering the fact that the title was first used by Oduduwa himself, and Oranmiyan.

Oba Akanbi said: “Look, the title Alaafin is ancient and was first used by Oduduwa, later Oranmiyan and now the Alaafin. The title itself confers authority on him.

“Though Oduduwa’s seat is not in Oyo, the exclusive title, Alaafin, belongs to him, and only Oba Adeyemi bears the title now.

“Alaafin literarily means the owner of the palace, and it is the greatest title in Yorubaland because it is the title ascribed to Oduduwa, and then known as Olofin.

“The title, Ooni, was coined by the Ugbo, who usurped the throne after Oduduwa.

“The Ugbos resented the title, Alaafin, when they usurped the throne, hence, created Ooni to show that they were not descendants of Oduduwa.

“Oranmiyan resuscitated the title in Oyo and the Oyo empire held on to it and made it widely accepted everywhere. Hence, he has the right to be the head of the Yoruba Nation".


The Olu of Igbokoda in Ondo State, Oba Afolabi Odidiomo, however, backed the Alaafin saying he (Alaafin) is a direct descendant of Oduduwa Yoruba land

Oba Odidiomo said: “Who is Alaafin? Alaafin is a direct descendant of Oduduwa and in Yoruba land, after Oduduwa had taken over the mantle of leadership of Yoruba land; most other existing kings have been subsumed. So, Oduduwa reigned unchallenged until the Oyo Empire was established.

“With the establishment of the Oyo Empire up to Benin Republic, the sovereignty of the Alaafin was presumed to be unchallengeable by any other person. So, if there was any Oba that has the power and the right to make somebody a chief for the whole of Yoruba land is only Alaafin. 

“No other king in the history of Yoruba could appoint anybody as a chief for the whole of Yoruba land. We are talking of the time the Oyo Empire was in charge. 

“It is also a matter of fact that most prominent Obas, even up to Benin Republic then were sons of Oduduwa that left either Ife or wherever to be king.

“By history, if there is anybody who has the power to give a chieftaincy title for Yoruba land. I agree with Alaafin. 

“But with the coming of the white people, the powers of Obas became eroded. 

“Under the law today, is it possible for anyone appointed chief of Yoruba land by the Alaafin to claim such in my kingdom? Under the law, he cannot. Modernity has changed a lot of things.”


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