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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Robbery Threats : Bankers In Ijebu Crying Wolves, Engaging In Treachery, Mischief - Ogun Police Command

              •Ogun Police Commissioner 

The Daily Crucible | Published Sunday,  September 26, 2021

The Ogun State Police Command has berated commercial banks operating in Ijebu area of the State for routinely shutting down their banking services under the guise of robbery thteats, describing such decision as one bordering on crying wolves, treachery and mischief.

The Command said it was with dismay it observed the unwarranted closure of banks in Ijebuland and its environs by the financial institutions despite continuous assurance of safety by the police formations in the area, wondering if they were the only bankers in the State. 

In a statement on Sunday by the Command's spokesman,  Abimbola Oyeyemi, he said it was appalling that bankers in Ijebu have neither substantiated their claims of robbery threats to justify shutting down banking activities nor given any report of robbery attack after crying wolves. 

According to Abimbola,  the Ogun Police Command is beginning to believe that some of the bankers in Ijebuland actually wanted their banks to be robbed, hence their recourse to exposing banks in the area to security threats by making public, real and imaginary security lapses to the general public.

The statement reads: "The Ogun state police command has noticed with dismay, the unwarranted closure of Banks and Financial institutions in Ijebu ode and its environs over an alleged robbery threat. 
The command is appalled at this unprofessional behavior of bankers in that axis despite continuous assurance of their safety by the police and other security agencies. 

"Their recent action can only be described as treacherous and mischievous, because they are not the only bankers we have in the state and the country in general, yet they are the ones complaining of robbery threat every now and then. 

"The command has noticed that once they are bent on this mischief, they closed their minds and eyes to other security arrangements the police in conjunction with other security agencies have on ground to protect them. 

"They claimed armed robbers wrote to inform them that they are coming to attack them, but they will not make the purported letter available to the police for investigation and possible apprehension of those behind it. 
It is bad that from time to time they cry wolves, carelessly and recklessly; and in none of these numerous occasions has any robbery taken place. 

"The command want to believe that some of them actually want their banks to be robbed, hence these strange set of bankers expose the banks in the area to security threats by making public real and imaginary security lapses to the general public including armed robbers rather than quietly discussing them with security agencies and government. 

"The command therefore wishes to warn that the bankers will surely be the first set of suspects if anything unusual in the form of bank robbery (God forbid) happens in the area, at least for them to disclose their ceaseless sources of information. 

"Meanwhile, the commissioner of police CP Edward Awolowo Ajogun has directed a full scale investigation into this their present claim of receiving a letter from armed robbers that they are coming to attack their banks. 

"On our own part, we are doing everything within the ambit of the law to guarantee the safety of life and property of good people of Ogun state, the banks and other financial institutions inclusive. It is therefore not in the interest of the state, for anybody to raise false alarm."

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