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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Olu Of Warri Inaugurates New Council of Chiefs, Preaches Good Representation

              •Ogiame Atuwatse 111

By Mick Oseji, Asaba

The Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III has inaugurated the reconstituted Warri council of Chiefs with  an appeal to members to guard against  temptation to misrepresent him on any matter.

Chief Johnson Amatserunleghe is the Chairman of the new council of chiefs while Chief Eugene Ikomi serves as the Secretary.

The Ogiame also urged the new Council to promote values of integrity that will advertise Warri kingdom in positive light, declaring that he will not compromise on matters of the common good of Itsekiri nation.

“Do not misrepresent this kingdom. Do not say things in the name of the Olu he has not said. We are going to be a kingdom of laws,” he said.

“My hands as the Olu will never be tied. I will tell you the truth at all times.

“You will recall the Council of Chiefs was dissolved few weeks ago. And the revalidation of titles commenced after the dissolution. Having gone this far , it is proper to formally reconstitute the new Council of Chiefs.

“As we have said in our speech on the Coronation day, we really want to work with everybody. I don’t want to fight anybody. We will become a kingdom of laws, there will be code of conducts. When people come here, they will see dignity in the way as chiefs you carry yourselves.”, he said.

“As chiefs you are an extension of the Olu. You cannot be seen to be portraying the throne in a negative light,“ the Ogiame said.
Chairman of the newly reconstituted Council of Chiefs, the Iyatsere, Chief Amatserunleghe who spoke for the chiefs lauded the monarch for the reconstitution, promising that they will work with his vision for a greater Itsekiri nation.

The monarch also played host to several Itsekiri communities that came to pay homage. They include Ugbuwangwe, Ugbeogungun communities and so on.

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