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Thursday, September 16, 2021

FFK, Political Shenanigans And Nigerian Democracy

      •President Buhari and Chief Kayode

"FFK's Defection To The Ruling APC: Further Credence to Zero Ideological Philosophy of Nigerian Political Elites"

By Kunle Alaye

"Man" remains consistently inconsistent as the most fundamental subject matter of any society. Thus, apparently makes it interestingly incredible to subject the nature of man to a scientific paradigm in the study of politics.

The great American scholar of Political Science, (Robert Dahl) says a man without a guiding principle is like a traveller without a destination" This simply connotes the fact that for any man to live at all, such person must have specific features and philosophy that characterise his existence in life.

Without much of rhetorics, it is conspicuously incontrovertible that the trending talks of the town, about the former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani Kayode's (FFK) defection to the All Progressives Congress (APC) can be described as a cleared reflection of political shenanigans that characterise the quasi democratisation of Nigerian State.

The two major political parties - the APC and the People Democratic Party (PDP), now reflect the conglomeration of un-identical personalities with no ideological philosophy.

It is crystal clear with no contestable pyramids that "political class" is absolutely different from "political  elites". Though most often we either use them erroneously or deliberately whilst expressing our emotional attachment to some politicians or political parties in Nigerian Government and Politics.

Be that as it may, the idea of contextualising some of the contemporary Nigerian politicians, including the Femi Fani Kayode (FFK) as "political class is quite very insolent and condescending to the conceptual meaning and sophisticated features of the ideological and vision driven politicians of the classical days in Nigerian politics. 

The likes of the first and the only prime minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria late Tarawa Balewa (The golden voice of Africa), First Premier of the Western Region, late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the very First Nigerian president, Dr Nnamdi Azikwe, etc. They all fought for the liberty of this country (Nigeria) with very cleared ideological principles and can simply be referred to as political class. 

I make bold to say here that any politician with little or no driven ideological principles, like most contemporary Nigerian politicians are best contextualised as "political elites hitherto comprador bourgeoisie."

I ask here without any act of prejudice or defamation of any contemporary Nigerian politician who could boast of ideological principles as watch word.

It is so sad that "Political Jumpologism" now remains a core feature of most Nigerian politicians with their shameless way of jumping from one political party to the other. All in the name of hedonist and prebendal politics and of course the most recent was that of Former Aviation Minister, (Fani Kayode). 

FFK's Defection attracted more attentions and interest of Nigerians as he has consistently remained one of the core critiques of President Buhari and APC led government. But amazingly, on Thursday 16th September, 2020, he made an official pronouncement of joining the same party he had perennially striped-naked with printed names.

It is so sad and regrettable that with the two decades of unbroken Nigerian Democracy, the country still remain democratically broken and sicknical.

If a personality like FFK, still wax stronger in Nigerian politics with relevance, then I have come to say we have a huge challenge ahead and except we nip it in the bud and discourage such bunch of unscrupulous demagogues immediately, we may be turned in for episodic oppression and the country may remain shattered in limbo.

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