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Sunday, September 12, 2021

1923 And 2023

            •Comet that hit the earth

By Femi Kusa

I AM speaking to only my friends who possess, through High Grace of course, knowledge of that great event which took place in our Universe in 1923, 100 years ago by 2023. I dusted my library this week for reminders. I saw journalist TOM KAY's book, WHEN THE COMET RUNS. This book, released about 1999, reminds us that this Comet is an unusual Comet. In fact, a huge star, it is, in times larger and brighter than our sun, and it is coming from the same source from where THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM was released to accompany the Love of God, our Lord Jesus, to the earth on his High Mission of Salvation for the wakeful among slumbering and sleeping humanity. If the Star of Bethlehem heralded the opening of the cycle of that Mission, what else would The Great Comet do but to close that circle and herald the judgement?

This 2023 may not be an easy year globally, not just in Nigeria. Mankind may come under greater pressure. Events may happen in bigger multiplicities and more devastating quantum. The meaning of existence and of LIFE would be redefined. EVERYTHING will become NEW. Man's will be broken and in its place will stand, adamantine, the Universal Will, God's Will.

On Friday 3rd September 2021, the last words of my morning prayer were: GRANT ME THE HELP OF THY POWER THIS DAY. As I said them, I tried to bring to life within me the images of realities the radiations or vibrations of each word were meant  to form. I remembered the 24 ELDERS in that Temple in the world of DIVINITY above the Pinnacle of Paradise, where a CASTLE stands. It is difficult to imagine what goes on there for a member of a specie of Beings who, like all of us earth dwellers, have no business being there. It was sufficient for me, though, to remember from Revealed  Knowledge that Mighty Spiritual Beings dwell in that CASTLE below the Temple in which the ELDERS, day and night by earthly concessions, sing HOLY HOLY HOLY, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. Thus, I remembered the the Temple and the Castle. I remembered also the Giants. One is said to bear the earth in his hands and roll it on its axis and around the sun. One of the buttons on his waist is said to be about the size of the earth. Were Giants not the beings who helped the Egyptians build the great pyramids at a time there were no mechanical devices to lift heavy object one on top of the other? I remember the elemental beings. I remembered the Nature beings, the Gromes, Nixies, Salamanders and the water spirits. They are all behind the forces of FIRE, AIR, EARTH and WATER, all of which are within the ambit of the Power Of God, His Holy Will, the Holy Spirit. As some of them not the beings the Old Testament of the Bible reports that Ballam saw when he was riding a horse? Fire was erupting from the earth in preparation for an earth movement later on in the course of further development of land in that area. But Ballam did not see the fire because it was not physical fire. His horse which was better connected to the forces of nature saw the fire and the little beings and stop dead in its tracks. Ballam beat the horse to prod it to move on. But the horse would not move on. Suddenly, Ballam's inner eyes opened. Fear overtook him at the sight of these beings and he erroneously called them ANGELS. Some of these beings are the ones our forefathers in Yoruba land call EGBERE (r:m:r). They were said to carry small mats which human beings try to steal from them. They live in rocks, big trees, holes, water and such other places. They take care of pregnant women and children. Have we ever wondered while pregnant goats and other pregnant animals do not go to hospitals to see doctors but, nevertheless, has safely delivered of their babies, while pregnant women who see gynecologist throughout their pregnancies die in the birthing process or before it? The little elemental beings and the nature beings show these animals what leaves and herbs to eat, when and for how long. When a so-called "natural disaster" is about to occur through their activities, they forewarn animals to leave the area. We humans call this the INSTINCT OF ANIMALS. We call them "disasters" because we do not see them as meant for development and because we get caught in them. In Herbal medicine, these beings are the teachers of humanity. They unconditionally fulfill the Will of the Almighty Creator. Little children and some virgins still see them. Although many of us adults may no longer be able to see them because of our distance from the Will of the Most High, they are, nevertheless, still very much around us and we can still seek their help in whatever we wish to do and thank the Almighty for the help they render to us. For He gave them to us as our friends and helpers in the world of matter which the specie of their beings brought about for our sake under His command.

I was in an eye clinic that Friday 3rd September morning to check my eye pressure. Suddenly it began to rain and to flood. Suddenly, too, the flood broke through the door of the waiting room and filled all the rooms, including the consulting room. As an elderly patient with vision challenge, I was moved from room to room by the doctor and his nurses who thought less of their equipment and hospital property but more about saving lives of their patients at the risk of theirs. Dr Chukwuemeka of Hephzibah Eye Clinic is really humanitarian. He and his team could have escaped as the flood threatened to cover a car outdoor. If any of us tried to escape, we could end up in an open drain and in one of the Lagos canals as a prelude to the bodies being found in the Lagos Lagoon days after. I remembered a similar event in 2013 or thereabout. A couple whose baby was one year old left home in their  Jeep to buy more drinks as the birthday party got bigger. It was raining. The flood took the Jeep out of the husband's control. Without informing or helping his wife, he bailed out on the driver's side. His wife escaped through her side of the front passenger seat. Their bodies floated beside each other on the Lagos Lagoon some days after. That day, I went to visit my cousin in Sango-ota. I managed to drive home before the flood got out of hand. In Agege, some people reported that they mounted tables and hid in roofs. I made the mistake in leaving home after I parked the car to go out to have dinner at my favourite eatery, HOME TASTE CANTEEN. It did not open because of the flood. Walking back home, I had to hold hands with many people to keep safe in the dirty and stinking water which had risen to hip level. 

When the rain subsided last Friday, and I found people to hold hands with again this time, I bade by to Dr Chukwuemeka whose words I kept hearing.... I PRAYED THIS MORNING. I, too, remembered the last words of my prayer that morning....GRANT ME THE HELP OF THY POWER THIS DAY.

His power is in FIRE, AIR, EARTH and WATER. What exists that His Power does not encompass? I will report the LAST LINE of this event on September 23, hopefully, remembering that 3 is the ending of 1923, 2013, August 23, my birthday, September 3 and September 23. I wonder what veterinary doctor Ogedegbe who studies numerals will say of that!

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