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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Yusuf Buhari's Wedding And Private Jets Display : Does Nigeria Truly Represent A Poverty Ranking Nation?

By Kunle Alaye

The above rhetorical question is what have been rocking my mind and definitely, the lips of so many other Nigerians, since Friday the 20th of August, 2021, after the royal wedding occasion of the first family of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The occasion was graced by governors, ministers both serving and former, serving vice president, former vice president, former president, captain of industries among other dignitaries.

The wedding was the talk of the town on Friday as the high and the mighty in the society stormed Kano to celebrate with the Buhari's family whilst a show of wasteful and prohibitive display of opulence as "shenanigans of the comprador bourgeoisies".

Nigerian politicians spent millions of Naira on luxury private jets amidst rising inflation and high cost of food items, which apparently have made life extremely difficult for many Nigerians. Over 50 private jets brought dignitaries to the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport which were either chartered or privately owned. 

Some put the estimate number of private jets that brought guests for Yusuf Buhari and Zahra Bayero’s daughter’s wedding at 100 or more as the Bichi Emirate in Kano State hosted the ceremony of Yusuf Buhari and Princess Zahra Ado Bayero last Friday.

To charter a private jet cost between $5,000 and $7,000 per hour, depending on the size of the plane. A bigger luxury jet that could carry up to 11 passengers, like Challenger or Beechcraft Hawker with up to 13 passengers capacity, could cost to $10,000 (5m) per hour.

Given that most of the dignitaries, especially governors, spent more than one hour at the event, each of the chartered private jets would not cost anything less than $20,000 (10m). Oh mine! What sort of a preposterous and reckless spending can we call this? 

Nigeria, according to the recent statistics of the World bank, is described as poverty capital of the world. With more than 95 million in poverty or about 45% of the population living with poverty. Nigeria presents itself with a paradox: "a country said to be exceedingly rich and equally extremely poor" What a sharp contrast!. My worries are basically in three folds:

First: Can we say Nigeria is really in the poverty ranking in the global world? If yes, then why are there very sharp contrast in the indices or variables that determine poverty? How do we justify Nigeria as a poor country? 

A German professor, once told me that Nigeria, can never be regarded as a poor country, if one goes by the reflections of the country's potentials.

I came up to say that Nigeria is not a poor country but structurally lacking and incapacitated. Thus, encapsulated by unscrupulous and unrepentant demagogues with such conspiratorial and hedonistic tendencies. This is indeed sad, regrettable and unimaginable.

Second: I have been asking myself if the show of reckless spending in Kano on Friday, was in any variance to the recent Obi Kubana's mother funeral occasion where bales of money in billions were recklessly exhausted in Anambra recently. If I am to juxtapose the two scenarios I will practically say, there is no difference in the show of the two vacuous opulence! As one was just a display of cash the other was a display of jets, apparently both into wasteful net.

Third: can we say with this development, Buhari/APC led administration is in good conscience launching a crusade and fight against corruption? Some of the governors and senators at the occasion, obviously would have several of their primary and secondary schools dilapidated, non enforcement of minimum wage, food scarcity, poor health facilities spate of insecurity among other challenges. Thus, flew expensive private jets to the occasion where Buhari himself might not have even reckond with their presence.

No doubt, the recent development has further proven to me that there is a difference between political leaders/political rulers and political class/political elites. I submit by saying what we have in Nigeria is just retinue of "comprador conspirators with Prebendal agenda!.

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