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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Whether Terrorists Or Bandits, Nobody Should Euphemise The Monsters

By Kunle Alaye

Sincerely, this country has never had it this so disastrous and horrible in her history. It is so sad and regrettable that a country that has enjoyed relative peace even though it was not total, comparatively to what the state of tranquility could be in any sane state.

I can still remember very well the relative peace I enjoyed almost two decades ago as a "corp member" in Dange/Shuni Local Government Area of Sokoto State. Ironically Sokoto is in the North West Region of Nigeria, where bandictry and terrorism remain order of the day as people are being kidnapped for ransome and slaughterd like Christmas chickens. 

I can not remember if I ever experienced any sad moment during my stay in Sokoto. Despite I related more with the Hausas as the " Corps Liaising Officer (CLO). In fact I still contact my direct boss occasionally Alhaji Nosiru, from Shuni village of the Dange/Shuni Local Government Area of Sokoto State. 

What a memorable moment I would say in my life. I am pretty sure it was a similar and vivacious moments for several other people too who did their "Youth Service" in those areas then where one can best describe now as "states of bloodsheds". This is seriously sad and I mean so sad!

It is appalling however that after almost two decades down the lane, my great country Nigeria, is now engulfed with "a pool of blood". The country bleeds profusely and innocent souls are being wasted almost everyday. You can rarely wake up one day now in my country (Nigeria) without spate of killings or bloodshed!!.

Shockingly and embarrassing enough for Nigerian government. Having "successfully failed" in its primary constitutional responsibilities of the protection of lives and properties, now trying to euphemise the gravity of the laborious atmosphere which are being perpetrated or caused by the monsters call "terrorists to be likened to bandits".This is not only laughable but unspeakable and vacuous.

So, if we now have some conglomerations of clueless and bunch of unscrupulous hedonists at the healm of affairs of the country, so are other international communities dogmatic or fools? No they aren't at all. In fact they are even more informed about the situation trending in Nigeria than some of us as Nigerians.

According to the recent statistics of the "Global Terrorism Index"  Nigeria remains the most third terrorised nation in the world, after Afghanistan and Iraq. This is seriously serious and heartbreaking for any country in Africa and Nigeria of all countries to beat some  Middle-East countries to it, in terms of terrorism scourge, honestly this is undeniably disturbing.

After Afghanistan with 20% deaths of her population lost to terrorism, Iraq 4%, Nigeria has lost 9% of her population to terrorism (GTI). Ridiculously and crudely enough, the government of the country now appears to be stylishly trying to bend or euphemise her status in the international community as a strategy rather than doing the needful by intensifying and being honest with its strategies to tackle the menace of terrorists and bandits.

No wonder, they initially declared my very good  brother,  university lecturer and retired Navy Commodore, Dr.  Kunle Olawunmi "wanted" because he nailed the truth on its head when he appeared  on Channels Television programme few days ago . Having realised what could be the consequences they now downplayed the language as being invited. 

I make bold to say here that no amount of intimidation can work in this very critical situation of Nigeria any longer. People are more agitated than ever before.

Kunle Alaye is a broadcast journalist and he writes from Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria.

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