Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The Inner Voice

By Femi Kusa

We hear it often,  but ignore it. I do not failed to remember it any time I see an electric pole in the street. The inner voice saved me from electricution in the Street about 20 years ago!

My children were off to school, my wife to her office. We lived at No 39, Ermina cresent, off Toyin street and behind Allen Avenue, near the Opebi Road/Allen Avenue/Toyin street round about. I had breakfast, cleaned the car, secured my briefcase in the car boot, opened the car gate and parked the car on the road, to make my routine easier whenever I would set off for the office. About 30 minutes later, I was ready. I locked the house entrance door, and walked briskly to the perimeter fence gate. The car gate was secured from within. So, I would have to open the foot gate from within and, went out on the road, secure it from within through a pigeon hole. If I did that, I would not be alive today. As I was about to perform this last task, that "something" we always say "told" us, told me: WHY DONT YOU CHECK THE HOUSE ENTRANCE DOOR? I retorted: "BUT I LOCKED IT JUST NOW"

As I said to myself, I remembered everything I did in that regard about two  minutes earlier, and almost ignored that silent voice. It asked me again: "WHAT WILL IT COST YOU TO RE-CHECK, JUST IN CASE"? 

That question and my obedience were the reasons I am still alive today!

It was drizzling. I turned my body to return to the entrance door. But before I took the first step backwards towards the house, cracking loud sounds broke on the road. My dog, which stood beside me, was the first to flee towards the back of the house, following the corridor directly opposite the car gate and visible to any one on the road. As those sounds resembled gun shots, and as the smell of hot metal filled the air, I assumed armed robbers were operating on the road, and fled through the other side corridor to the rare of the house from where I could not be sighted from the car gate. My dog and I reunited in the boys quarter, its tail still hidden between its hind limbs. There we were for about 20 minutes until I heard  the familiar voices of some neighbors and assumed the robbers were gone. When I opened the foot gate to observe what was going on, I saw that a wooden electric pole beside the pillar of the foot gate had fallen and that the electric cables it bore were all over my car. What if I had disobeyed the INNER VOICE and gone out. It was possible those cables would have fallen over me, I would have been electrocuted instantly and whispered of a demonic attack would have gone out from the lips of many.

Electricity men from their office were on the road. The were struggling in hand gloves to pull the cables away from the car. This was a tough tasks. When they were told I own the car, they appealed to me to enter it and drive it away once they again pulled off the cables. But I refused. What if something snapped an the cables sprang back at me? 

I stood at the gate, bewildered at the immeasurable grace of the most High which endowed us human spirits with the INNER VOICE where ever we are in this wonderful creation. We may ascribe two perspective to the existence and  activity of the INNER VOICE. The first is that you and I, all of us, are not our bodies. Our bodies are mere physical vessels in which we exist while we are on earth to experience material life. Our real selves which speak of "my hand" or "my body" are sensory, living beings who animate and instruct the physical vessel, the body, about what to do from time to time. In this regard, the physical body is like the motor vehicle which the driver manipulates through the gear and the steering systems. That instruction from the being living within the physical body is recived by the brain which then carries out the order, in thought, spoken  or written word of physical action if we have not allowed it take control wereq we ourselves, the inner beings, should be in charge. Where we have allowed the brain to become our lord and master, it would RATIONALIZE our instruction, as I would have done on that day. The second perspective is that we are under guidance every time. Some people who have come to this recognition call the beings who guide us our GUARDIAN ANGELS. But, really, it is not Angels Who guide us. Between the earth and our home in paradise, that is in the SPIRITUAL WORLD, there is a long chain of HELPERS and GUIDES. The Guides are mighty spiritual beings in paradise. They are the human spirit created in the IMAGE OF GOD. They have no need to come to the earth except during special Missions, such as when John the Baptist had to accompany the LOVE OF GOD, Jesus, to the Earth as His FORERUNNER. Through revealed knowledge on the face of the Earth today, we are permitted to know that His abode is in one of the first Worlds of Paradise, created for the IMAGES OF GOD far, far above our own Paradise which developed later on as an image or shadow of that original creation or first creation. It is to this subsequent creation or shadow creation, if we like, that we Earth men hear for development will return if we successfully develop to be able to live there hereafter. The helpers, too, are spirit beings like us who are have overcome the nuances or foibles we are still struggling with, and have gone over from where they may be appointed to help us out of our challenges. But they may be just one or several planes of existence beyond the earth. In that long chain up to paradise, Helpers have their own helpers as well. Just as we are signed to be helpers to our children or to whoever we are in a position to help to think and act aright, we may be assigned as helpers to people on the earth, when we graduate from here and are found competent for that support service to humanity. These helpers whisper to our inner, that is spiritual, ears. These whispers constitute and input as well into what makes up our CONSCIENCE. This is that INNER VOICE against which we always struggle in order to fulfill our own uninformed and faulty wishes.

When I came to this recognition, I had a better understanding of one of my favourite songs in the chapel of OLIVET BAPTIST HIGH SCHOOL, OYO between 1964 and1968. The song, in the  BAPTIST BROADMAN HYMNAL and SANKEY SONGS AND SOLOS (SSS), was titled NEVER ALONE. Some of the lyrics reassure the singer...... "HE PROMISED NEVER TO LEAVE ME ALONE". At the time we sang it in church as children, I didn't know what that meant. But with the knowledge of Helpers and Guides, I now know. I now know, too, that I may converse with them, even if I do not physically see them. They will bring answers to my enquiries the way I am best suited to receive their responses..... through inspiration (A component of the INNER VOICE), vision and clairvoyance, clairaudience, clarisentience so called coincidences, I say so called because there are no accident in creation as some of us imagine; everything which happens was scripted. In the good, old days, some earth men conversed directly with their helpers they saw visions or apparitions. They were clairaudient and heard voices, clairsentient and where sensoryly persceptive or knowing. The three Wise Men saw a heavenly host. Moses and Elijah saw a different JESUS at HIS TRANSFIGURATION. At the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, the congregants heard a VOICE...and a MESSAGE.  Mary, the Mother of Jesus, witnessed the ANNUNCIATION. She and Joseph were instructed to take the BABY IN flight to Egypt. Pharaoh was warned in a dream of an oncoming famine for seven years. Was Joseph not given to know he would be greater than his elder brothers. If Elijah went to heaven in a chariot of fire witnessed by Elisha, through what mechanisms will that happen. When we receive instructions in dreams which come through or an idea suddenly strikes us which we later find to be correct, it is this process which is at work. Nothing has changed in the universe. Guidance is still at work. We doubt that is exists only because we have moved away from the Creator and always wish to make our human will THE WILL OF GOD. This is evident in the manner of our prayer. We asked or tend to command the CREATOR not to "depart" from us, as though he is our servant, when we are the ones who should struggle never to depart from him.

My experiences always remind me of the experiences of people. One of them is that of the bricklayer from Cotonou who escaped death in the eight storey hotel  building under construction in Lekki or Ajah which collapsed a few years ago in Lagos, killing some workmen. Every weekend, he traveled back home to see his wife and two children. This time around, he didn't go for two weeks running. So, his wife brought the children to Lagos. They stayed with him on the floor where all workers lived. One evening after supper, he tired to smoke. But his colleagues demanded he did it  outdoor. But Before he could light a stick of cigarette outdoor, he heard the rumbling noise of the building coming down. His family was gone! If his time was not up, did "Something" urge him to smoke, and did "something" urge his colleagues to bounce him out? If he was to learn a lesson from the exit of his family, did, that "something" arrange for her to bring the children to Lagos? Or, was she urged not to come to Lagos but she defied the silent urge. My cousin was building a house in Abeokuta. He is one of the most honest persons I have been privileged to associate with on this Earth. Everything was going well. The day after the First floor slab was cast, he went to inspect it. About five minutes after he left the building, the slab came down. Did something urge him to leave at the time he did? Although his gratuity as a retired civil servant was gone, he was courageous enough to not give up and to conceive the construction of another building in which he now lives. Was he able to achieve this because he knew he was not left alone and that his helpers were on standby always to help him, the saving of his life in the collapse building a serious admonition to him in this regard? We also hear of people who missed their flights in aircraft which later crashed. They would have been struggling with the traffic which delayed them or angry with persons who got in the way one way or another. There is the case of a woman who lived in a multi-tenancy house. One afternoon she had a dream when she slept on a mat on the floor in her own room. In the dream, she saw a cat staring at her. She was so afraid that she woke up with a pounding heart. Lo and behold there was, indeed, a cat not far away from her. It had stread into her room and was living under her woman. The woman scrambled to her feet and rushed out to get help. Couldn't a helper have communicated a warning about the cat to her in her dream. When we undergo such an experience, we are not meant to live our lives again in our old, part ways. We are meant to begin to ask questions about existence and to conduct ourselves in ways that show we are truly "born anew". If you have read Raymond Moody's LIFE AFTER LIFE or Richard Steinpach's WHY WE LIVE AFTER DEATH, or Stephen Lampe's THE CHRISTIAN AND RE-INCARNATION or Franchezzo's WANDERER IN THE SPIRIT LAND or James Redfield's CELESTINE PROPHECY and heard the stories of people who walked out of mortuary days after doctors consigned them as dead person's who would probably take existence more seriously than the Average person does today. Raymond Moody researched the cases of hundreds of people who came back to life in the mortuary. They told him stories of their brief lives in another sphere of existence. This people of different age, educational, nationality, racial and income backgrounds had not met, yet their stories always agreed. My experience with the fallen electric cables and my first OUT OF BODY experience (OBE) taught me to rededicate my life beyond bread and butter hustles.

My prayers is that everyone who has read the foregoing would not always fail to contemplate the Blessing which the INNER VOICE and the guidance of the helpers is.....and obey that voice even if, temporarily, it confers some disadvantages. I want late to work that great day. But I am still alive more than 20 years after, and I have the opportunity to share my experience.......and be of help to someone through doing so. Me

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