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Monday, August 2, 2021

TASUED SUG Breaks Silence On Mysterious Death Of Female Student

By Adekunle Mariam, Abeokuta

The Students Union of Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED), Ijagun, Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria, has disclosed that the University is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a female student of the institution and another male student who was found unconscious.

The incident happened on Sunday night in a room at the  hostel.

The Daily Crucible reported that two undergraduate students of TASUED were battling to live after mistakenly ingesting something suspected to be a poisonous substance.

The students -  a male from mathematics department, 200Level and female from Library and information science department also in 200 Level were said to have accidentally drank substance suspected to contain sniper, a highly censored poisonous chemical if handled in an unsafe manner.

It was learnt that the lady had gone  to the male student's room to study but as she delayed in coming back, her worried roommate decided to check on her in the guy's room to ascertain what the situation was but on tracing the room, she was horrified afterward by the sight of the lady's lifeless body on the floor while the guy also laboured to gasps for air.

The two were were quickly rescued to the school medical facility with the help of other hostel mates but the doctor on duty confirmed the lady dead on arrival.

However, the guy was referred to the Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital, OOUTH, Sagamu and later moved to the Babcock University Teaching Hospital, Ilisan, Ogun State. 

It was not yet clear what caused the female student's death but the pungent odor suspected to be that of sniper which emanated from the guy's mouth and nostril suggests as of Sunday night that they might have had an unsafe contact with the said poisonous substance called sniper.

However, the likely source of death of the lady and why the guy was also rescued unconscious in his room had spawned many shades of rumours within the university community and on social media but the dominant one in circulation is that the two students  allegedly drank unsafe substance - sniper.

But the institution's students union body has come to clarify what it knows about the unfortunate incident.

According to Adeniyi Adeyemi, popularly called Mr Java and who is the TASUED Students Union Public Relations Officer (PRO), the lady did not ingest sniper.

Adeniyi clarified the issue through a release.

It reads :"In regards to the rumors going viral on social media that a lady and a guy died from ingestion of sniper, it beckons on the students' union to make a very important clarification.

"According to the information gathered by the students' union ,the lady didn't take sniper but the guy had traces of sniper in his lungs after being tested by doctors,(this was also confirmed by the university clinic).

"As for the lady, she was brought in dead to the university medical center, we would like to tell you that a lot of informations you will hear around are all rumors and should be disregarded accordingly.

"Investigations are ongoing by the University Security Unit so as to get what really caused the death of the lady and how the whole scenario happened. 

"The guy on the other hand has been admitted to Babcock Teaching Hospital and he is responding to treatment as we speak.

"The Students' Union wants the best for students and we would always advise that students always strive to get the best.

"It is with this that we’re reassuring you of our absolute commitment to protecting and preserving your interest now and always."

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