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Friday, August 6, 2021

Presidency 2023 : Don't Buy Babangida's Prescription - Tunji Offeyi Warns Nigerians

•••  Accuses IBB Of Trying To Sell  One Of His Cronies Ahead Of  2023 Presidential Race


By Adekunle Mariam,  Abeokuta

Saturday, August 7, 2021 

An International Relations specialist, Tunji Offeyi, has cautioned Nigerians against being preys to any manipulation by the nation's former military ruler,  Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida(IBB) in respect of the critical 2023 President, advising they should not buy whoever he is recommending as would - be -  successor to President Muhammadu Buhari. 

Offeyi reckoned that given the past antecedents of IBB, especially how he toggled with the country's democratic journey and subsequently annulled a free and fair presidential election in 1993, the army general lacks moral rights to tell Nigerians who should be their next President in 2023.

The United Kingdom based researcher, politician and former special correspondent, Lagos, for The Week magazine, who was reacting to Ithe BB's Friday comment on Arise TV, said the 'Maradona' was merely out to manipulate the populace, ostensibly to indirectly sell one of his cronies ahead of the 2023 presidential race.

Offeyi made made this known while fielding questions from The Daily Crucible regarding the Army General's outing on the said Arise TV. 

"He (IBB) is not a stateman but a schemer. A ‘Maradona’ who is out to manipulate the populace, he is indirectly ‘selling’ one of his cronies. Let’s not buy into all that. 

"He however touched briefly on some good points like resource control local government autonomy and restructuring, which I hope relevant stake holders in our polity can work on and clarify as in my view, those are more important than who becomes the next president of Nigeria.

"Yes, I do (share his idea that Nigerian next president must be versed in economics), in this case I relate with the message and not the messenger. Obasanjo has also repeatedly said most African leaders lack knowledge on the economies they preside over. Rightly said. A modern-day leader must understand political economy if I am to define it further, we are not talking about basic economics here but national growth forecasts, job creation, labour economics etc things like that. 

"Which good enough regardless of your background you can take a short course or tutorials online to learn and educate yourself. However, most of our leaders don’t read, they can’t be bothered and really you can’t run a country without ideas which interestingly are hidden in books. Lastly ethnic jingoism belong in the dark age, a true leader must be unbiased and belong to all," he said. 

However, Offeyi who previously campaigned on social justice issues with the Labour party and the Liberal Democrats, including implementation of a strategy to improve democracy in Europe, dismissed IBB as one "that killed the collective dream" of Nigerians because of his desperation to hang on to power.

He submitted that regardless of how hard IBB tried to wriggle his way out or shift the goal post over June 12, 1993 Presidential election presumably won by late politician,  MKO Abiola, he still has many questions to answer for his alleged misdeeds in office. 

"IBB is an old schemer playing the old trick that he is infamous for, you can see his countenance in the interview clips that he was only trying to wriggle out of a difficult question, that has trailed him all his life, unfortunately this will be his legacy, of a man who out of jealousy and desire to stay longer in power killed our collective dream and hope by repeatedly shifting the gal post in the middle of the game - remember prior to that election he had cancelled a previous one - that of late Sheu Yar’ Adua who equally won just like Abiola, so he was deceiving himself  then and still deceiving himself now. Sadly at almost 80 years of age. 

"I find it reprehensive that Ngozi talked about his ‘achievements’ which achievements? SAP? That benefited a few, his cronies. Whether we like it or not some names belong to the dust bin of history. In there lies IBB’s lot without sounding too harsh or disrespectful. 

"Aside from not telling the truth about the June 12 annulment, he has other questions to answer about Dele Giwa’s assassination, Maman Vatsa’s phantom coup allegation and killing amongst so many brutalities of his 8 years rule of infamy," he concluded. 

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