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Saturday, August 7, 2021

I've Fought A Lot To Be Alive For My Family, Others - Ibinabo Fiberesima


My Story By Ibinabo Fiberesima, veteran Nollywood  Actress  and Writer, After Passing Through Yet Another Surgeon's Knife. 

A sheer miracle is a term that encompasses how I have survived a half century, of which the last decade has been typified with serious challenges. I have fought a lot to be alive, well, to endure the crucibles for the sake of my family, friends and my teeming fans and to be strong to raise my beautiful children.
 I have battled daily migraines, survived several breast lump surgeries, fortunately not malignant, and been fed a steady cocktail of pills. Just last month, I finally undertook a major surgery for Pulmonary Arteriovenus Malformation, PAVM in my Lungs, a rare condition I was diagnosed of early last year. I was told it was hereditary, but people don’t know they have it and usually it’s too late before they find out. 

The condition came with migraines and occasional blackouts. I discovered I was born with it and according to the shocked United Kingdom doctors my heart has borne over 20 strokes in my lifetime because of it. No be God? Many people have this condition without even knowing it and I can only thank God for a successful surgery that will feature as a documentary as I became a research case for both student and experienced medical practitioners. Even ontop hospital bed I go still dey TV shaa. God you are good. 

In all, my experiences have taught me that I am actually stronger than I think I am, that love is all I need and to value good health. I have learned not to take life too seriously, to trust and own all that I am, because I am a magnificent work in progress. I have learned to focus on things I can change, accept what I cannot change and say yes to life as it is. Remember to always take care of yourself and when you think it’s getting too much, be open to others. I did not have to be alone in my struggles; no one does and neither should you. God bless you.

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