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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Attack On The NDA : Daring and Condescending To The Nigerian Security Architecture.

By Kunle Alaye

It is absolutely indisputable that the recent attack by Gunmen on the Nigeria Defence Academy, Kaduna, calls for a huge concern as it is  seriously appalling. Two senior military officers were killed and another four abducted during the attack on the facilities, onTuesday morning.

It is now crystal clear, that the Nigerian security architecture is consequently compromised, porous and undeniably cynical. This unfortunate development has no doubt further given credence to the fact that lives and properties of an average Nigerian can no longer be guaranteed. If one should go by the comparative implications of such a regrettable development. 

Though so many things are still apparently sketchy and several questions keep rolling on the lips of so many Nigerians, as to how "daring gunmen" invaded the Nigerian Army having, successfully penetrated  into the military base to perpetrate such a dastly operation.

I understand they (Gunmen) dressed in military outfits. However, was that enough to beat the only prestigious institution saddles with the protection of the nation's national integrity and sovereignty to it? Quiet honestly, this is indeed a "national embarrassment" and of course "catastrophically  catastrophic " in the history of Nigerian State 

No doubt, this development would further heighten the tension and laborious atmosphere in the country as no one knows who the next target may be. Nigerians now live in fear and limbo in their own country. This is sad I mean very sad!!

Thus, also affirm the fact that little or no "security intelligence" has been explored so far by the Federal Government in the fight against terrorism or any perrennial security challenges in the country, If the gunmen could make such a very embarrassing history.

 Again, one would have thought the strategy of integrating and giving amnesty to the repentant terrorist  by the Federal Government would apparently serves as a good security paradigm to tackle this menace, unfortunately it further deepens the pitfalls in the crusade to wipe out terrorism and bandictry in the country.

So who is now the next target or what government or private facilities come next? Since the breach of Nigeria security architecture has been exigously beaten to it, by gunmen who dared the number one security agency of the country. This of course is just the sacarsim that would be rocking on the lips of many Nigerians.

I am afraid, if we are not going to wake up one day and hear that terrorists have taken over the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Why not?  it just happened recently in Afghanistan where the Taliban sacked the government of Ashraf Ghany. So if terrorists could be this daring to invade a nation's military base and successfully carried out such an operation, then anything is possible at this critical period.

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