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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Apostle Suleman And The Miracle Alert Saga : Myth Of The 21st Century's Ontologism

              •Apostle Johnson Sulemsn

By Kunle Alaye

Much as I often love to avoid religious piece and argument, it would be so compromising, appalling and cowardice of me, if I am quiet on the very recent preposterous, vacuous and gravely condescending act of the founder of the Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman who used his power as an "ontological bourgeoisie" and not as a man of God this time around because such act was incontrovertibly contrary to the teachings of heavenly God. 

So as a religious capitalist, you ordered for the arrest and detention of the young Nigerian who challenged you over a strange recent "miracle alert crusade" which the video also went viral.
Aside from the fact that such act was "incredibly incredible", it was also a cynical embarrassment to Christian world.

Nigeria is such a country with series of episodic drama where people just sleep and wake up with highly unsophisticated and repugnant ideas. Thus apparently taking the very pensile nature of the country for granted.

Of course, I have said this sometimes ago in one of my pieces that 21st century religious leaders especially in Nigeria are responsible for about 45% of the crimes which are being perpetrated in Nigeria. Some of them do not only mislead Nigerians but also exploit, oppress, intimidate and consistently take advantage of Nigerians' vulnerability and gullible nature towards religion.

It is indeed crude and antithetical to the freedom of speech and expression of a Nigerian to be detained, sequel to the order of another fellow Nigerian, on a matter that is so repugnant, inconsequential and indeed laughable. This supposed to be a man who ought to be benevolent and softhearted as an acclaimed man of God but regrettably, reverse is the case. Are we still in a democratic, democratising or undemocratic nation?

My heart bled so profusely and felt so ashamed of Nigerian Police Force, when I watched the video clip of the lawyer to the young Nigerian whom he (Suleman) ordered his arrest. This is indeed a "subversion of the rule of law" in a democratic state. What a country!

A man (Apostle Suleman) purportedly claimed to have called on Angels depositing miracle alerts in dollars into Nigerian accounts of his church members, where they spend naira. Regardless of whether they operate domicelary account or not. Oh my God! For how long will some religious biggots continue to be perrennially taking some very dogmatic Nigerians for granted? "Miracle alert" without work! 

I want to also admonish the Federal Government in this regards to stop bidding for loans henceforth. Since, we now have Nigerian cleric who can help call on Angels to credit Nigerian treasury without any stress. This is absolutely hilarious and questionable if you asked me.

I put it to you Apostle Johnson Suleman, that your act was unsophisticated, barbaric and condescending. If you know what is good for you is to as a matter of expedience withdraw such a very exigous and disgraceful matter. It is even an insult to Nigerian judiciary that you are calling for "defamation of character". Very shameful indeed.

Ironically, people like you will be the one castigating the government for maltreating Nigerians. Meanwhile, some of you are more power drunk and despotic than one could imagine.

Finally, I make bold to say here that I am not afraid of you ok. I dare you, Apostle Suleman. You can also come after me since that is your usual antics. can be easily traced if you care.

Kunle Alaye, a university lecturer and seasoned broadcast journalist with popular radio stations, writes from Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. 

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