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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Were The Agitators Truly Prepared For The Purported Republics?


By Kunle Alaye

My heart bled so profusely when I read the extent of humiliations and torture met out to the Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, following his arrest at Cottonu in Benin Republic. I became so engulfed and rhetorically captivated with so many questions like:

- Should this be the same Sunday Igboho who could get into a room without practically opening the door at all? A man wielded with an indisputable spiritual power of height.

- Could it be that the person apprehended was an impostor who wanted to ridicule the Yoruba Nation warrior? Because with what I understand about him, he was indeed a very strong man with revered "metaphysical power"

-What has gone wrong here? At such that he (Igboho Osa) was inhumanly molested and captured like a "toothless bulldog". Though I do not know him personally but those who had witnessed him most times on the battlefield have testified to his uniqueness. Sincerely all these have been rolling through my mind and I became dumbfounded with the whole scenario.

- Can we also say perhaps he was caught unaware or it was just cowardice? "He who beats the drum of war certainly should be prepared to dance to the tune of death"

On a sharp contrast to my initial opinion about Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu, if one was to go by how the duo have packaged themselves and won the confidence of their followers/ apologists on the struggle, to achieving their respective republics but apparently seeing them being relatively condescended in this manners, then it means their followers and people who are on the same path with them should have a second thought and rethink.

It is so sad that people have only been conscious of the release of the two major agitators without even considering or sympathetic with the lives of those who have been wasted and those in detention on the same course with them. So how do you further win more supports in this regards?

Again, I ask why are the republic agitators always hasty to abscond at heat of the struggle and leave their followers in limbo? ''Does a general leaves battlefield"? No. He stays on the battlefield till the end. So why are republic agitators always running away? Having led people out and put them in a laborious situation and the next thing was to flee. So what becomes the fate of your followers?

The classical African agitators never absconded at the heat of struggle. Nelson Mandela was jailed for years, Obafemi Awolowo incarcerated in Calabar prison charged for treasonable felony. Leopold Zenghor of Senegal, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania among others. So why are the contemporary agitators filled with cowardice nature? And perrennially subject people into tensed moment. It is very sad if you asked me please.
For Benito Mussolini, "a peace is born out of a cowardice, war is to a man what maternity is to a woman." Let us be wise, honest and fair when we champion any course please. Nnamdi Kanu is not the only one on the struggle for Biafra. So why the noise all alone about his release? Igboho is not the only one in detention for the struggle for Yoruba Nation, some people were even killed in his house while some were arrested and still in detention. So why is it that when he was picked that we are now hearing the whole outcry? So he wanted to evade arrest and left his followers to languish in detention right? Sincerely, a spade must be called a spade.

I want to admonish us all, to please be wise before joining any course. Review it, dissect it weigh its pro and coin and then take your decision. I am bold to say here that while some struggles worth joining, some are based on mere selfish hedonism and aggradisement. So please be wise.!!!!.

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