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Monday, July 12, 2021

Presidency 2023 : Agitations For Zoning Serve Whose And What Interest?

By Kunle Alaye

Nigeria as an imported phenomenon imposed on Nigerians by the former British colonialists during the amalgamation of 1914, was apparently configured on the premise of its strength as a pluralist state. Thus implies that the entity called Nigeria, had for over a century evolved round its multi-ethnic heterogeneities and diversities.

It is indeed incontrovertible and ironical that the strength of any pluralist state like Nigeria, solely depends on its diversities, sequel to the various multi cultural values and regional endowments of different affected regions of the entity who subsequently explore the  respective values of their neighbours for mutual bargainings.

 No country or region can survive as an island at any point. The world itself has become a "global village" as one country depends on another for survival. However, conflicts of interest in this case is neither also alien nor impossible. The great German Scholar Karl Marx says " wherever there is social interactions conflict is inevitable" This is because one particular ethnic group become concious of its regional interest. Especially, when a particular region feels marginalised or deprived of egalitarian representations.

Be that as it may, the trending agitations of the North and South political class in Nigeria, with  respect to which region produces president in 2023, has sparked different controversies and hit the Nigerian polity lately.

 It is indeed an interesting sloganeering to have such spirit of regionalism in our seasoned demagogues. However, one can not but also ask if this spirit of nationhood is in the interest of their people or that of Nigeria.

In a more shocking and controversial note, the Nigerian constitution which serves as the piece of guide in the contest of Nigerian State, unfortunately, never made any provision for "zoning". Should we in that regards say this should also be considered as part of the flaws in the paragraphs of Nigerian constitution?

Questions which have kept rolling through my mind are:
1. What has been the appreciable impacts of the 2 Southerners (Obasanjo and Jonathan) as president in the Nigerian Fourth Republic so far? Has the Southern part of Nigeria replicated the infrastructural developments in Paris or Florida? Has poverty become a story among the southerners? Or has southerners remain more united than ever?

2.Since the incumbent president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Muhamodu Buhari) started ruling Nigeria in the last six years, has the North exited the index of the region with the highest population of people living with abject poverty in Nigeria? Or has the number of our of school children roming the streets of the North reduced? Has kidnapping, bandictry and insurgency been drastically curbed in the North?

So, if answers to  all the above questions are conspicuously and incontestibly in the negatives , then the agitations by the political gladiators of the two regions should be given a second thought by Nigerians. The game here in my opinion is just one of the usual political paradigm of the bunch of political hypocrites who only take advantage of the Nigerians' vulnerability.

At this critical situation of Nigeria, if you asked me should not just be talking about "regional sentimentalism". But an ideal leader whom the great classical philosopher (Plato) called a "philosopher king". I believe we still have so many of them but to what extent can we make them lead us? Let us clamour for the best and God sent candidate with the spirit of altruism to stir the governance of this country and shelve such hypocritical aphorisms of regional sentiments to satisfy the selfish political appetite of some people.

" No insane society ever has good leaders in power nor bad leaders can be witnessed in any  sane political institution". Rulers of any society are products of the same immediate environment.

God bless Nigeria!

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