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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Nostradamus, German Floods, Nigerian Coastline, Dooms Day 1999, When The Comet Runs...


 By Femi Kusa

  Nostradamus needs no introduction to members of my generation. People in mid life and younger who virtually live on the internet may wish to look him up on the web. Nostradamus was the man who saw tomorrow. He predicted the first and second world wars for 1914 and 1939, landing on the moon in 1969, an Arab-American war in which the Arabs would drive the Americans back home only for them and the Americans to be swallowed by a huge earthquake in Western America which would sink that region under water overflowing the remnant land from the Atlantic. This war has not happened. But successive American Presidents are not ignoring the possibilities. That is why the United States pays serious attention to middle-east affairs. Remember Bin Laden, Gadaafi and Sadam Hussein.             
The Americans have been paying more attention to this region since they discovered a great fault in the earth plate in Western America. Where there is a fault, an earthquake can erupt. Nostradamus said the earthquake would be so huge that life would not be the same again world wide.
    If Americans didn't take this prediction seriously, what about some of the other predictions of Nostradamus which dovetailed into this one. He said the earth's geography has not always been what it has been for thousands of years. Remember that the earth has existed for billions of years. Nostradamus said the poles of the earth or North Pole and South poles would reverse themselves so that the North will become the South and the South will become the North. 
      The consequences of this reversal will be many. First, Europe and America will become tropical(hot weather) regions like Africa of today and Africa will become the cold region of the earth. As Western America, parts of Britain, the whole of Japan etc go under the sea, their displacements will compensatorily display land upward from other regions. One of such lands will be an island that will pop up from under the Atlantic ocean, right about in the middle of this ocean. Nostradamus says this Island will be a land of refuge for Americans who can flee there from the sinking of Western America. It is possible this island will be closer to Africa because he says Africa will become the safe haven of the earth. Incidentally, this land will be a part of Atlantis which sank a long time ago. 
     In the mid 1980s when I was writing a series of articles on HAYLEY'S comet, which visits the earth every 75 years or so, and I mentioned THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE as a possible technological  breakthrough buried along with Atlantis, I was privileged to be invited by a knowing man to sit at his feet and learn . He asked me to imagine that he and I were on a journey to discovery from one part of Nigeria I would not mention here. In that "journey" we traversed many lands which he told me were remnant lands of the Atlantis which sank. I was later to learn he had pre biblical antecedents. We "travelled" as far as to the Lagos bar beach. Without any word said, I knew the banks of the ocean once belonged to. Atlantis. The continent of Atlantis from all records was more developed than our civilisation. The inhabitants knew how to overcome gravity. They needed no motor vehicles. They flew on dragons. That is possibly why the Chinese till this day celebrate the dragon in their cultural calendar. The Atlanteans knew about THE LAW OF THOUGHT. They could will anything they wanted into deed. Thus, if I wanted to be in London in five minutes, I could from Lagos if I was an Atlantean.  Atlantis fell because it became so proud of his accomplishments that it was disconnected from nature and the creator, and its two kings were elevated by the people to the status of God. I was privileged in the 1980s to visit a country where some of the records of great events were kept. The custodians kept the records which were "received" by people called for it in the presence of someone whose being made it possible for people who were long departed from the earth to dictate to the recepients accurate records of past events. I was amazed because the names of the two kings were unquestionably African. Yet, the part of Africa they came from was obscure in world history by the time the records were transmitted. 
     For forty nine years, help was sent to the Atlanteans every seventh year regarding an oncoming destruction of their civilisation. They failed to heed the counsel. Then, the moon was lowered . The gravitational force of its nearness caused changes in the earth's radiations. As it was pulled back and up, the inhabitants of Atlantis rejoiced. The earth plate was torn apart hither and thither. As Western America pulled away from Western Africa, the contours of which fit a jigsaw architecture, water rushed in to separate them as the mid-land sank. That midland between Western America and Western Africa which sank is what Nostradamus said would rise from the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. Rising, it would displace water on coastal regions of the earth, including Lagos, which may lose several kilometers inland to the invading Atlantic ocean. Armed with this knowledge in the 1980s, I refused land investments in Lekki, Ajah and  even on the mainland, up to and even beyond Ikeja. When I was in my teens, we walked miles and miles on the Lagos bar beach. Today, the Atlantic ocean has eaten up much of all that and it keeps creeping in. Maybe the land is already rising, almost imperceptibly.
       Professor B.I.C Ijeoma, a sociologist, invited attention to the possibility of an earthquake as well, based on the sighting of special earth crust materials in coastal waters of Lagos, but oceanographers in Lagos silenced him each time till he gave up about 2020. We should remember that a low grade earth tremour roared underground through Ijebu Ode to Ibadan and Abeokuta in the 1990s. Is this part of an early warning signal?
      Let's hurry back to Nostradamus. He said a huge lake would surface in the Sahara desert when the poles reverse themselves. Many people doubted him before technology aided the discovery of the second largest underground water reservoir (acquifer) right under the Sahara desert .
          European nations are aware of these predictions and made plans for their adaptation to them cornerstones of their research and government decisions.
 An author, A.D Charles Berlitz ,        midpredicted in his DOOMS DAY 1999 that everything would come to a head then. Then TOMKAY released it WHEN THE COMET RUNS. The comet he speaks about here is what is known today in revealed knowledge as THE GREAT COMET. It would visit our earth from the same source as THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM which accompanied Baby Jesus to the earth as a greeting from on High, this time, to close the cycle of events which the Bethlehem star opened up. TOMKAY describes it with references to biblical and other revelations and to even mention of it by Nostradamus. The GREAT COMET will be several times larger and brighter than our sun, stand beside it and overshine it, suck up the earth in its powers causing many rearrangements of the solar system and galaxies, being the dominant gravitational force in the great Universe. When we have a new sky line or a new cosmos,  every event on the earth must become new. Maybe it is those re arrangements some people speculate would be the rapture heralded by angels blowing trumpets. But what if the language of THE REVEALATION is proverbial or ALLEGORICAL and the events of today are those TRUMPETS. These events would include the floods in Germany of all places , the Tsunamis of years gone by in which many people and habitations disappeared, COVID 19, economic and political tensions globally, the food crisis?
      In doomsday 1999, we were forewarned we are not the first inhabitants of the earth, even if archeologists have been saying so. When I married in 1983, my wife gave me a book present. The title was ATLAS OF WORLD MYSTERIES. One of the fascinating mysteries was that in a deep peruvian forest which has been uninhabited for hundreds of years, if not thousands of years, concrete structures like those of a tarmac and control tower were sighted. How did they get there and when in pre history? The stone hedges also feature. These are the arrangements of stones over several kilometers, even across rivers, at a time engineering tools had not been discovered. How was the geometry so accurate that there was no misalignment by as little as 1 centimeter over hundreds of kilometers? Yet there was no geometric deviation from the alignment. How did the builders do it? There was also the mention of SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION. A man who lay on a mat in his sitting room suddenly catches fire, and burns to ash but the fire and the heat did not touch the mat or furnishings in the room. What happened? This would have been attributed to which craft in this region of the earth. I was privileged to be in London in 1979 when some occurrences took place after score of decades. At that time, there was a great debate about where the fire and the heat came from to turn human bone to ash and not tamper with the carpet on which the man lay. I would learn later that man is not his body, which is only a cloak or a vessel for him, the man, to inhabit the earth. So, it is the man who has left his body and this earth in a dramatic way we cannot explain here. If the bible reports that Elijah was taken up in a chariot of fire, it's acceptable to christians, then we must realise that the human eye can see only a small spot of a wide spectrum of reality unless it becomes privileged to do so. Some reported privilege events were the TRANSFIGURATION of Jesus which his Disciples observed. The Being of Jesus had always shown out but was not noticed by men because they were not refined enough to sight the luminence. The demons which posseses a man sighted it. So did the water sprites on the tempestuous sea who obeyed His command. The Disciples on the way to Emaus were also privileged. So were the three wise men who beheld The Star of Bethlehem and the Heavenly Host.                   DOOMSDAY 1999 took us through many historic sites on earth to butress the point made by Nostradamus that the earth has not always been as we have known it to be for thousands of years.
     The German floods may be yet another warning signal. The floods in Nigeria may be no different. Let us not pin the Lagos floods too much on drainage blockages. Sunken and buried Atlantean land may be rising and pushing up underground water which in its displacements will over run present land masses. If this is joined by water from melting ice caps, then new land and new water formations will take place on earth. Africa will not be immune to it. I recommend that we all find from the book trade on the internet and read Tom Kay's WHEN THE COMET RUNS. From all that I have been privileged to recognize, there should be a place for Nigeria in the leadership of the earth under a new cosmic regime. The Greeks once had such an opportunity. They lost it. The romans had it. They , too bungled it. The Jews came up but did not recognise it, paving way for the Germans who, under Hitler, wasted the opportunity on an unecessary war to govern the entire earth. The tensions Nigeria is undergoing today may very well be a birthing process to awaken sleeping souls. Nowhere in the country today is politically sleepy anymore. Daily events are opening up the souls. We may indeed be under preparation for our roles in that new time. Let us follow Nostradamus, the man who saw tomorrow.

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