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Saturday, July 3, 2021

The Agitations For Republics, Others : Myths Far From Reality In Nigerian 4th Republic

"The Agitations for Republics and Restructuring: The Myth far from Reality in Nigerian Fourth Republic"

By Kunle Alaye

Leadership failure has been the single most important factor accounting for the unexpected underdevelopment of Nigeria and a big source of worry for the sustenance of national unity and democratic rule.

It is indeed agonizing that for selfish reasons there still exist some self-proclaimed comprador bourgeoisie or political elites that yet appear not in the least burdened by the growing threats to the national security and development of this country. All they care is how to maintain and sustain their network for unending substance of their primitive advantages.

The political elites and Nigerian lawmakers who are expected to champion the course and consistently be the vanguard for the desired goals of any "republic or restructuring agenda are deceitfully playing into gallery. To these leaders the recurring infiltration of state apparatuses by forces of destabilisation which has inevitably turned the Nigerian political scene to become increasingly dangerous is not seen as unnecessary distraction to development.

Nigeria is an unsophisticated state which is widely wielded with the conglomerations of selfish and incorrigible aristocrats. Having also viciously formed a perennial conspiratorial figment with imperial powers. Thus neglect the interest of an average masses or common Nigeria.

Quite honestly, I make bold to say here that the the problem of Restructuring or agitations for regional republic extremely goes beyond Buhari. Buhari is just like an individual Nigeria who is only ruling the country at the moment. Of course he (Buhari) can be best described as an "unrepented ethnist". And no doubt that has become incorrigible of him. 

However, Nigerian case goes beyond "blame game" at this critical period. There has been Nigeria before he (Buhari) became the president and there will also be Nigeria when he leaves in 2023. So why the outcry? Have we asked ourselves in good conscience, the roles of our so called representatives? Both at the upper and the lower chambers. Have you ever heard any of them championing the course of power devolution or separatism?  Of course they won't. Because the plan of any lawmaker is to later become the governor whilst that of the incumbent governor after eight years is also to retire into the National Assembly.

Unfortunately enough, the 1999 constitution of the Fourth Republic was the regurgitation of the military diachism. Which never made provision for true democratic culture. But a mixture of military and civilian systems.

The likes of Sunday Igboho, Nnamdi Kanu and the likes, agitating for Republic and Restructuring may be making efforts in futility simply because of the pencile nature of the Nigerian State. You can't achieve a new republic in a republic. Except the due processes are taken into cognizance. 

Hence, those who are clamouring for revolution may also not be getting it right. As revolution can only work out empirically in a state where institutions are much stronger to defend and protect the interests of the citizens and not a chauvinistic and banana republic like Nigeria where cows and criminals in disguise are given priority against rational human being.

The separatists in my opinion should rather champion their agitations through  their respective regional leaders and hold their lawmakers who are prime signatories to the review of Nigerian constitution responsible and not just unhealthy notice and unproductive protests.
Do you disturb a deaf or dead person with noise? Capital no, except you continue to waste your time. And that is just case of Nigerian government. Let the agitation continue from the individual masses like the agitators, the government will continue to turn deaf ears except those who ought to facilitate the struggle do the needful.

God bless Nigeria!

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