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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Dismembering Nigeria Not Solution To Current Challenges - Christian Leaders

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The Daily Crucible 

Christian Leaders Assembly Yorubaland (CLAY) has said that the push for the balkanisation of Nigeria into separate independent units won't resolve the current challenges confronting the country.

CLAY warned that dismembering a potentially great union such as Nigeria largely as an escapist response to provocations and excesses could only translate to tragic loss of opportunities for greatness and an intolerable invitation to a frightening bleak future.

The body which was formed in 2014, said it believes that the Almighty God has a clear definite agenda for the Yoruba nation as an entity existing within a sovereign Nigeria and therefore called for a new Nigeria where power and structures devolved along the line inscribed in the 1963 constitution.

CLAY made its position known in a release seen by The Daily Crucible at the weekend  and stressed that returning to the tenets of the 1963 constitution as jointly agreed to by the founding fathers of the country is the way out of the wood. 
This is coming on the heels of secession agitations in Southwest by Sunday Adeyemo also called Sunday Igboho for a Yoruba nation to be excised out of Nigeria and Biafra in Southeast by the leader of the proscribed Indegenous People of Biafra(IPOB) among others.

The release signed by Pastor Segun Olanipekun, a lawyer and chairman, Board of Trustees of CLAY and Prof Joshua Ojo, its President, also expressed the hope that the unfolding developments in the country would result in a new Nigeria, restructured in the spirit of the original 1963 Constitution. 

It states in parts: "We do not totally foreclose the possibility that the path towards this new state could entail a transient dismantling of the present Nigeria - in case the current structures prove unsurmountable obstacles to the emergence of the new Nigeria.

"Permanent dismemberment of Nigeria is however not likely to produce the desired goals.  The root causes of our problems are deep.  They include the subtle but strong destabilizing influences of foreign powers (channeled through naïve local elements), who consider it an existential need that the current chaotic status quo in Africa (with Nigeria being the central Arena) be maintained at all costs. 

"Also fundamentally germane are the consequences of gross wickedness and injustices (including slavery and human sacrifices) practiced extensively in our land over generations.

"Furthermore, dismembering a potentially great Union largely as an escapist response to provocations and excesses by a minority component may not only translate to tragic loss of opportunities for greatness, and an intolerable abandonment to a frightening bleak future, of Christian brethren left in the territory of that bigoted minority component; there is every possibility that the problems so lightly avoided could again recur even in the new fragmented autonomous regions, albeit with new players involved.

"Enduring solutions that would produce a prosperous Yorubaland (and other regions of Nigeria, in general) must therefore carefully address these salient factors. In this regard we strongly perceive the need for the Yoruba nation to work in unity with other ethnic Nationalities who share the dream of a new Nation, to accomplish the dream of the new Nigeria.

"We call on all Christians in Yorubaland to actively seek God’s face as we diligently, in the footsteps of father Abraham for an enduring city (Heb. 11:10), follow whatever pathways He would prescribe, noting that such must at every point in time accord with His righteous principles.  This would entail acting 'as occasion (would) serve' us (1 Sam. 10:7), while stridently avoiding even the minutest act of unrighteousness that may be couched in the Machiavellian expectation of some forthcoming 'greater good' (Rom 3:8) as the Scriptures clearly affirm, 'the integrity of the upright shall guide them.' (Prov. 11:3a).  

"Above all, we must not lose consciousness of the fact that the Almighty God has an agenda for the whole world, His creation; and our primary duty is to seek to understand and key-in into this agenda, even as we await the imminent coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."

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