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Monday, July 19, 2021

Ábuzu Na - Agba Oku...The Culture We Adopt Today Will Determine Our Future

By Chukwuemeka Obinwugo

There is this Igbo dictum "Ábụ́zụ̀ na-agba ọkụ, ọ che n' ọ na-áhà mmanụ".

Ofeke na-ahụrụsị ji ya n' ọkụ, ndị enyi ya asị ya n' ọ na-akụnye ya na Ana. 

Today we look at some successful societies and we wish to be like them. But many of us are not ready to learn and apply the tedious and tenacious process which these societies underwent to become a successful society today.

Today in Ana Ìgbò, we look at Dubai and wish that Ana Ìgbò is like Dubai but how many of us have read the book called  "My Vision: Challenges in the Race for Excellence" written by the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum? 

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in his book "My Vision" narrated on how his fathers started the process of Nation building since 1971 they got there independence. In explaining a National development he wrote, "A Nation's development, however, does not happen overnight or by accident. Nor does the development of a Nation ever stop once the process has begun... Nation building is the result of intense efforts at building a community and homeland; a phenomenal task not undertaken lightly... In order to lay solid foundation for the country's future, we must build upon the achievements forged by our founding fathers- achievements that Must Not stop with our generation, but must continue and be perpetuated by future generations. History shows no mercy for weaklings. Sheikh Zayed and my father, Sheikh Rashid, our beloved late leaders, never waited for history to record their feats; they were proactive in making history themselves and in doing so, set the benchmark for us to follow." (p. 12-13)

What master plan do we Ndị Ìgbò have since 1970 that we were decimated?
What plan do we have today??
What plans do we have to create an Economic Vibrant Ana Ìgbò in the next 50 - 100 years??? 

How do we plan to build Ana Ìgbò that has a world class competitive health care, Indiginenous Industrial institutions, Research and Development, Excellent road networks, world class infrastructure etc???? 

What plans do we have town to town in Ana Ìgbò, what plans do our Town Unions have to make our Igbo home land habitable. How do we plan to liberate ourselves from the shackles of redundancy, stagnacy and degeneration of the Nigerian economy and spring forth to  compete confidently with serious Nations and be counted among serious Economies in the world????? 

Sheikh Al Maktoum in his book "My Vision" further wrote "The secrets behind a nation's greatness do Not lie in its Military clout. Contemporary history is littered with examples of Nations made powerful by their military forces but which, in reality, are powerless because of their fledgling economies. Conversely, there are nations with small military forces that are economic superpowers. Nations can only overtake other nations through economic and Not military power, as testified by history" (p. 14)

How do we build the Igbo land of our dreams? Is it with this lousy, money spraying and cow killing mindset we have exhibited recently in Òbí Cubana mother's burial? I doubt it. 

I have gone through numerous posts and comments regarding this current burial phenomenon and I became more convinced that this our existing generation will NEVER see Ana Ìgbò become a first world State. It can't just happen because I see a generation who lack the foundational Mental Discipline to embark on a tedious and phenomenal task as Nation Building. 

Some shallow and lazy minds will always remind you that it is Not "your money", that you should go and make your money and leave others to enjoy theirs as they deem fit. 

Such pathetic line of thinking doesn't offend me anymore because I have known for a fact that Ndị Ìgbò ejiro ego when compared to real wealthy ethnic nations. We usually claim that we are wealthy when we compare ourselves with the rest of the backward nations residing in Africa. We are just wealthy in Naira; a currency with very little or no world value. Compare those wealth to Dollars, Pounds and Euro and tell me how many billionaires in those currencies we have left in Ana Ìgbò. 

Now let me show us what real wealth looks like:

The Jewish Americans make up just 2% of the United States population, that's about 6 million of America's 300 million, yet, 

1. The percentage of Jewish households with income greater than $50,000 is double that of non-Jews 

2. On the other hand, the percentage of Jewish households with income less than $20,000 is half that of non-Jews (Dershowitz, Alan, The Vanishing American Jew, Simon & Schuster, 1997,p. 16.)

3. The Jewish advantage in Economic status persists to the present day; it remains higher than that of white protestants and catholics, even among households of similar age, composition and location (Wilder, Esther and Walters, William, Journal of Economic & Social Measurement 1997, p. 198.)

4. Forty percent of the top 40 of the Forbes 400 richest Americans are Jewish. 

5. The Jews make up 10% of the fortune list of the CEOs of the 500 largest corporations in the world (Rabbi Levi Brackman, Sam Jaffe: 2008, Jewish Wisdom for business Success p. 13)

6. One-third of American multimillionaires are tallied as Jewish (Bush, Lawrence, "American Jews and the Torah of Money" Tikkun, July 17, 1998, p. 198)

7. Twenty percent of professors at leading universities are Jewish 

8. Forty percent of partners in the leading law firms in New York and Washington are Jewish (Lipest, Seymour, and Raab, Earl, Jews and the New American Scene, Harvard Press, 1995, p. 27)

9. Thirty percent of the American Nobel prize winners in science and twenty-five percent of  American Nobel winners are Jewish (Silverman, Charles, A certain People, Summit Books, 1985, p. 145). 

How did a tiny number of people achieve such massive wealth?? 

By lousy spending?
By spraying money on burials and parties?? 
By killing cows which they don't even rear??? 

Steven Silbiger in his book "The Jewish Phenomenon: 7 keys to the Enduring Wealth of a People" exposed the Jewish foundational National ideology on wealth creation thus "Jews Understand that when the community serves itself, it also controls its own destiny. According to a Jewish proverb, 'He who pays has the say'. This philosophy of self-sufficiency applies to humanitarian assistance as well as government lobbying on issues of interest. Jews believe that if your group depends on the funding of others, it becomes subordinate to the funding group" (p. 35)

With this nobel national and strategic mindset, the Jews contribute their money together and established among other institutions a Grant and Free Loan Societies to help the Jewish communities around the world. There are about forty of these institutions around America and they make $40 million in loans each year, interest free! As it is written in Book of Exodus, "If you lend money to my people, to the poor among you, do not act towards them as creditor; exact no interest from them" 

It was from this legacy that a Jewish entrepreneur, Mark Zuckerberg got his first $2million loan to take Facebook to the next level and today he has added to the ranks of Jewish billionaires in America and he is also contributing his own wealth to continue the legacy for the next generation. 

Whenever I pass through Alọ to Ideani and see women and children making a living by the cashew fruits they sell, I remember how a National creative thinking of Michael Ọkpara can endure wealth through generations. Most of those women making a living out of those cashew plantations do Not know that it was a legacy of a Mind that Thinks! and Not the one that squanders. 

Michael Ọkpara is a great Mind. How many of us still think like him today??? 

Ụmụnne, we can learn from serious people on Nation building and development and advance or we can continue in Nzuzu and perish! The choice is all ours. 

Last week, a Jewish professor friend from one of the universities in New York asked me how we are copping in Nigeria, I quickly told him that our economy is in a very challenging times and that we have serious security challenges right now but we are trying our best to survive notwithstanding. 

Just a week after the conversation, the social media went agog about ndị Ìgbò squandering  scarce resources in a burial that should be a solemn occasion. I wonder how my Jewish friend will see me by now, he might think I have lied to him about the economic and security challenges in Nigeria, because I know neither him nor any right thinking man would comprehend the link between the huge economic and security challenges and what just happened in Ọba. 

It is so shameful that Ndị Ìgbò today can NOT come together, pull their resources together and Marshall out a sustainable and enduring 50 - 100 years Master plan for Ana Ìgbò and March it up with Pragmatic Action backed with tenacious Mental Discipline to reach the end goal no matter what it takes. 

We only come together and pull our resources together when we want to embark on frivolous, mundane and wasteful ventures that can NEVER guarantee Enduring wealth for Ana Ìgbò in generations to come. 

Sincerely, this is one of the times, I am so ashamed to be called an Ìgbò man. 


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