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Friday, June 18, 2021

Tope Alabi Apologizes Over Comments On ONIDURO

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The Daily Crucible 

Senior gospel singer, Evangelist Tope Alabi, has apologized for her comment over 'Oniduro Mi' following the scathing criticisms that trailed it. 

Younger singers - Adeyinka Alaseyori and Adelegan had at different times released the two similar songs ‘Oniduro Mi’ to exalt and praise God as well as acknowledge Him as a guarantor or support system.

But Evangelist Tope Alabi dismissed the song - Oniduro mi,' as not being inspired of the Holy Spirit.

In a viral video, Alabi noted that God was more than an ‘Oniduro’ and said that she would never sing the song.

Alabi recalled in the said viral video that there was a time she wanted to sing the song to exalt God but the Holy Spirit cautioned her against taking such an action, comments that drew the ire and condemnations from Nigerians on social media and even in a section of the traditional media. 

Palpably overwhelmed by heavy backlash surge that followed it home and abroad, the Evangelist beat a retreat and expressed remorse for her comments, saying she ought not to have externalised a personal message in public.

In her profuse apology, she noted that Adeyinka Alaseyori, Tolu Adelegan and herself are one big family in gospel music ministry of Christ Jesus.

She also clarified that her action or comment was not borne out of "envy" as some critics would want the unsuspecting to believe. 
She said : “Let Me Acknowledge That My Mistake Was That I Externalised A Personal Message In Public; And I’m Awfully Sorry For Doing That.

"Initially, I didn’t want to delve into the controversy over the gospel hit song, “Oniduro,” because I have intervened behind the scenes in concert with other stakeholders in gospel music ministry. However, I discovered that online media would not allow the dust to settle calmly.
I want to state that Tope Alabi, Adeyinka Adesioye a.k.a Alaseyori and Tolu Adelegan are all members of the same family of God and they belong to the same calling – singing ministry.

“Adeyinka is my daughter in ministry. Her Pastor asked me to pray for her because she took after me, which I did wholeheartedly. 
Envy who? Never! 
I love the girl so much. 
She can confirm to you, sir, that we relate so well. God has given each of us the grace to go as far as His enablement could carry us. The atmosphere is wide enough for everyone to stretch her wings of gift without disturbing one another.

"......I’m being bombarded with calls and visits by Pastors since Monday morning till now. As we speak, another group of Pastors are coming in now. I guess it is because of this same issue.

“......I have been inundated with diverse counsel from different quarters. I hardly sleep since this matter started. While I attend to Nigerian fans on phone calls and online chats in the daytime, our people in the Diaspora will engage me throughout the greater part of the night over the same matter. 

".....I’m not a perfect person yet, I’m still a work in progress in the hands of God. I want people to see me as a mere mortal with my own weaknesses, human frailties and as a learner in the limitless knowledge of God. I am who I am today only by the mercy of God and the support of millions of gospel music lovers. I have no support base elsewhere outside the awesome Nigerians who feel uncomfortable with my statement. I see the depth of anger as the measure of their love, admiration and solid support for me and for all of us in the singing ministry.

“Let me acknowledge that my mistake was that I externalised a personal message in public; and I’m awfully sorry for doing that. My friends, colleagues and leaders in ministry who criticized me either openly or privately simply feel disappointed because of the love we share. We are too knitted in the Body of Christ to allow anything to divide us. Human factor is part of our life.

“For those who keep quiet but chose to intercede for us on their knees instead, may God honour them all. And  for those who defended me even without speaking with me, I can’t appreciate them enough."

"......Sister Tolu Adelegan is a woman I hold in high esteem. Adeyinka, like I said earlier, is my daughter in ministry, they are all valuable sisters and associates that nothing can separate us. This is a mere fog, it will fade away in no time.

“For the comic fellows who are already releasing comedy skits over the matter, I burst into laughter (she laughed again) watching some today. What a creative people we are. Nigerians are awesome minds who will fashion out tension relieving stuff from every situation. 

...I appreciate them all. The Bible says in Hebrew 12: 14 that we should pursue peace with everybody and holiness, those are the conditions for us to see God. This is the acceptable path for all of us to follow......"

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