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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Ogun : Customers Protest At MTN Office Over Staffers' Nepotism, Others

By Ayobami Ife, Abeokuta 

The MTN office on Lalubu  street,  Abeokuta, Ogun State Capital, was almost literary shut down following a blazing row that erupted between tens of customers of the Telecom service provider and its staff  over alleged misconduct of the staffers.

The customers who were kept waiting for hours without being attended to, yelled specifically at two of the staffers - both females, furiously accusing them of nepotism and favoritism in picking which of the customers to address his/her complaints over challenges with their MTN lines or SIM cards. 

                  •MTN office, Abeokuta  

The ugly incident happened on Saturday. 

The offending staffers were said to be cleverly hand - picking only associates and friends to attend to at the expense of other customers who had been given tally number to facilitate their entry to the main hall to lodge their various complaints.

The customers who were already wearied with waiting on queue since 7:30am, became livid on discovering the alleged preferential treatment and surged forward, yelling 'enough is enough' in protest and threatened to shut down the office if they did not end the alleged favouritism.

Peace did not return  until the development forced the offending staffers to rush out of the hall to address the customers outside, appealing to them not to create further scene and assuring they would all be quickly attended to.

The Daily Crucible could not get any official reaction to the incident but part of MTN philosophy reads "We aren’t just a company. We’re a community – one that both connects the emerging world and shapes the future. We go beyond mere connections though. We’re committed agents of change: speeding up progress by sharing our technology, and enriching the lives of those we touch.

"Our pioneering spirit means that we act boldly and decisively..."


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