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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Of Runs-Girls And Of Sugar Daddies

             •Chidinma & slain Usifo

By Sopuruchukwu B Ehidonye

The parents of undergraduate boys and girls in Nigeria should worry when their children begin to pay for their own school and general fees. 

Like, if your undergraduate child begins to make more money than you the parents, It is a sign of trouble generally speaking. We will say it if nobody wants to say it. If you are a good parent, this is the point where you should start asking questions.

Your job is to protect them until they are old enough to leave the house. Part of that protection is to make sure you cater to them financially. EVIL LIVES OUT THERE.!

It is not necessarily a positive thing when we begin to gloat if it happened that our kids who we are supposed to take care of are now the ones paying their own school fees and even becoming the family's breadwinners.

I know that things have gotten worst economically in Nigeria. Yes, times are very hard in Nigeria generally speaking.

I also know that we live in a very shameless generation where up is down and down is up.

Your son or daughter who is still an undergraduate with no known legitimate source of income is now the financial backbone of the family?

Do you think this is something to celebrate?

You even brag amongst yourselves the parents of whose undergraduate son or daughter is more "successful"?

You rarely question the source of this money they bring home?

Did you read the story of that UNILAG girl who confessed to killing that married man in a hotel in Lagos?

Yes, that is the kind of situation your runs-girl undergraduate daughter can get involved in to raise the fund she brings home to you.

You pretend like you don't know but you fool yourself because you actually know the truth.

"S/he is selling shoes, clothes, and handbag on Instagram" 


"S/he does hairdressing in school and get paid" 

Tales By Moonlight!

Ask your child what s/he does to make this kind of money in a month that you the parents cannot even dream of having in your own bank account in a year.

Your child's life could be destroyed just for one mistake. 

This girl in question will rot in jail unless something miraculous happens. Her life is over. Her confession has kind of sealed her fate. Stay in one place, these kids will not listen. 

Ndi Big Girl iberibe. A useless generation. Before her present predicament, her type will insult you and your whole family if you as much as questioned her life's choices. Wasteful generation. 

You look the other away but every action tends to produce a reaction. What is not guaranteed is whether it will be negative or positive.

They do drugs with these older men. This involves a very high risk of contracting very terminal and lifelong STDs that becomes untreatable. A lifestyle that has very terrible long-term effects. 

As for the guy who got murdered, it is a lesson for us married men. Danger lurks at every corner. If you make your family fatherless through your actions and inactions by playing silly games with little girls, even in the grave, the fault will still be yours.

 May his Soul Rest in Peace. 

As if this will help those he is survived by.

What can one say.

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