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Saturday, June 5, 2021

The Ban On Twitter In Nigeria : A Show Of Sovereign Rights

By Kunle Alaye

The trending outcry in the country on the ban of the operation of "Twitter" by the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to a very large extent should not be considered as violation of Human Rights as portrayed by some teaming Nigerians including the literary icon (Prof. Woke Shoyinka)

Though, as so many people know here that I am not an apologist or sympathetic to president Buhari/APC led government, however on this recent development I want to align with his decision. This of course is not because of Buhari as a person but sequel to the sovereign integrity of our great country (Nigeria).

It is important I write here as a seasoned political scientist and not as a subjective Nigerian. Nigeria is a sovereign nation with a legitimate government put in place by Nigerians, through a legitimate electioneering process.  Sequel to this, the mandate as saddled upon him as president and number one citizen of the country must be respected. Thus also implies that any "insolence" of any kind that may come on him (Buhari) is not literally the insult on to him in particular but to the teaming Nigerians who elected him.

I think we should approach this matter from objective perspective without any religious, political or ethnic sentiments. If president of a sovereign state like Nigeria, fiercely expressed his displeasure on a matter. It beholds on the affected organisation or country, if applicable to respect the integrity and the sovereign status saddled on him by the citizens of that country. And of course that is exactly the case here.

Any human being in the position of president Buhari could have felt the same way.  After the president expressed his displeasure, on the removal of his twits, with the comparison to the IPOB leader (Nnamdi Kanu), if I were Twitter, in the interest of peace I would have re-traced my steps on the matter. He is the president of a sovereign state, he could not have been condescendingly treated in such manner.

I am pretty sure that even though so many of us are not happy with the huge administrative ineptitude of president Buhari/APC led government. We would not still fold our hands and watch Nigerian sovereignty being slanted. Which ordnarily goes beyond Buhari or APC here. But the integrity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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