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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

There're Plots To Keep My Mouth Shut For 30 Days

...Accuses Enugu Catholic Bishop Of Keeping Him Incommunicado Over Comments On Buhari, IPOB Leader


From Godwin Akomah, Umuahia

Authorities of the Enugu diocese of the Catholic Church released Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka following tension that trailed his 24 hours ‘disappearance.'

In what Mbaka viewed as an incarceration allegedly by the Enugu Catholic Bishop, Most Rev Callistus Onaga, he said there was even plan to keep him incommunicado for as much as 30 days, ostensibly to shut his mouth following his recent comments on President Muhammadu Buhari and leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.

Tension enveloped Enugu, particularly at the ecclesiastical premises of the Catholic Bishop, Most Rev Callistus Onaga and the Holy Ghost Cathedral, with people allegedly looting and destroying items in the building. 

For the better part of Wednesday Mbaka's parishioners went to town to allege that the SSS had arrested him without evidence when they did not see him and there was also no word regarding his whereabout. 

There were worries among his flocks up till late last night that their spiritual shepherd might have been suspended by the Enugu Catholic diocese.

And in fit of a rage, some of the parishioners, especially persons believed to be congregants of the adoration ministry of Rev. Fr. Mbaka, vandalized the window panes of Bishop Onaga's office, forcing him to let go of the fiery Enugu clergy and one time supporter of President Buhari.
                  •Bishop Onaga

Addressing his flocks at the adoration ground after regaining freedom, Mbaka accused Onaga of conniving with others to 'detain' him because he spoke favourably about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

He said he was only released because the adoration faithful protested his strange disappearance, and without mincing words,  accused the authorities of the Enugu Catholic Diocese of being responsible for his travails.

According to him, he was kept incommunicado by the Bishop, whom he accused of plotting to keep him for 30 days more.

He explained that many issues were pressed against him after which the Church leadership, led by Bishop Calistus Onaga informed him that he would remain indoors for one month to enable him engage in soul searching, pray and meditate over his activities.

He disclosed that one other thing presented to him while the period of the incommunicado lasted, was his recent criticism of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Government.

Mbaka also said he could not change his favourable position towards Kanu because of others think of the IPOB leader, saying “I cannot hate my brother because of some people who have hatred in their genes.”

Although, Mbaka claimed he requested for an opportunity to address his parishioners after which he would shut down but Bishop Onaga turned down the request, noting that it was when the Bishop saw the protest over his predicament that he decided to him go away.

He said: “I requested for opportunity to address my parishioners but they said no. I also begged them to allow me send another priest to come and celebrate mass for you today, they said no.

“Are you the owner of my mouth? You can’t tell me who to bless? If you are not happy that I blessed someone, you have your own mouth, you can curse the person.

“They didn’t treat me in a pastoral way and I was asking am I being punished for what? They said it was a meeting, but even before I reached the Bishop’s house, conclusion has already been made. What happened to me was like the day I was shot on the road.

“Unfortunately for them, even before the meeting, a woman was already going around bragging that the Bishop will call me for a meeting, and that I was going to leave my house here for 30 days, and that after the 30 days, I would be sent to Rome, and Adoration ministry will be closed. 

"In a time and cases like this, don’t give me a punishment that will cause troubles for us because I’m not alone."

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