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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Southern Governors' Declaration On Restructuring : Hope We're Not Playing To The Gallery

•Southern Governors

 By Sunday Adekunle Alaye

Though it appears good and promising, the communique released recently by the southern governors in Asaba, Delta State, whist the moves on a unanimous voice by promoting regional autonomy in the country.

This of course is quite rich and unprecedented in the history of the Nigerian Fourth Republic. However, few questions role through my mind like:

1.To what extent are these governors prepared for this noble course? 
 2. If they are truly prepared, are they willing to do so in good conscience and in the interest of the Southern Region for a passionate altruism?
 3. Are they clamouring for Regional restructuring or political restructuring? A good example of Atiku Abubakar during the 2019 general elections. While Atiku, is from a background (North) whose body's language is against restructuring including himself in the real term. He however, came to the South to sing praises and drummed support for restructuring. In this case, should we say Atiku was clamouring for true regional restructuring or political restructuring? And that is exactly the same agenda of so many other politicians too.
  4. So if it is indeed the Regional Restructuring or autonomy as proposed, how much of any serious legal and empirical strategies are put in place in archiving this laudable goal, hitherto the constitutional process?
 5. Are "MOLES" among the southern governors, especially those of whom are in alliance with some northern cabals due to their hedonist and political interests towards 2023, remain consistent and not eventually betray their southern counterparts who are of genuine course on Restructuring?

Sincerely, if all the aforementioned factors can be achieved, no doubt the governors are good to go in my opinion. However, if they are in sharp contrast or channeled towards incalculable course then it is nothing but a "mission dead on arrival".

To my fellow Nigerians I wish to state here categorically that it is rather too hasty and premature to start praising the governors on this move. There are huge "trust issues" if we go by the precedence of  some of these governors and politicians in general. They have remain consistently inconsistent with several Sicknical policy sumasult most of the time.

Sequel to this, I want to suggest we should all rather watch them closely and mount pressure on them consistently, to actualising the goal they have set out rather than celebrating them for just making the pronouncement. 
I end this with (Robert Dahl)  "to make a policy by actors is never a problem but the implementation of the policy itself is what matters"

Much as we all laude the efforts of Southern governors, we also want to see them working out the communique consistently in achieving the desired goals.

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