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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

People Sometimes Mistake Me For Prof Wole Soyinka - Lashile


From Abibat BAKARE and Inioluwa OYEDELE

Founder of 'The SixthSense Initiative,' Mr. Abiodun Oladimeji Lashile, has revealed that he is often mistaken  for the nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka by people.

Lashile also said he feels cool and good about it because Prof. Soyinka is a good and learned man that is  worthy of his emulation.

"I don't feel anyhow. I just feel good because you are associating me  with a good personality. I encounter that everytime. And I feel very good because Prof. Wole Soyinka is a good person, someone who you can emulate. He is a learned person, I felt good about that."

The writer and author spoke to two trainee - journalists with The Daily Crucible, who saw him at Iweiroyin, the NUJ Secretariat, Ogun State Council, Abeokuta, on Monday and thought they had seen playwright and octogenarian Prof. Soyinka.

He, however, revealed that he has a robust relationship with the renowned playwright and author of Kongi Harvest, saying writing is the chord connecting the two of them, even as he added that both had a plan to organize a "learning programme for children" in Abeokuta.

"I have a good relationship with Prof. Wole Soyinka and we are very close, he is a writer, even before I started what am doing now. He writes, I also write, that is why we are connected, we do things together. For example, three weeks ago we were together because am planning on learning program. Three weeks ago I  was with him we talked, we had a toast of palm wine," he said.

                •Prof. and  Lashile

Lashile also opened up briefly on his past time, which is writing, saying it is his "skill."

He explained that to be a good writer or an author one needs to be very careful and intelligent, use correct tenses in an understanding and interpreting manners, be determined and focused.

While adding that a writer should also strive to pass quality moral lessons across to humanity through writing, Lashile mentioned that he has been writing for the past five years, producing many books in the process.

"To be an author, you need to be very careful and intelligence, uses of correct English in a understanding manners, be determined and focused. 

"You must pass a lesson, I mean moral values to others. I have produced a lot of books. I have published six books and am still going to continue writing. Writing is my skills.

"So, it(the book) could be a novel or biolography or historical  but the one I am writing for now is children books that is particularly literature books. I have three books that are listed on Ogun State school list. So, like this year 2021/2022 books will be used by  JSS 11 students for examinations.

"I have been a crazily creative person you understand because my life started with television. I have  a very high level of imagination but I know I was going to write later in my life I don't just start writing  and this is what I tell people why my case is different.

"I have been writing my  books in my mind before I started writing, so, I have writing my books long before now. I started writing five year ago and I have  about 26 manuscripts,  I have published six books. I am promoting reading culture and advocacy now," he said.

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