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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Joe Odumakin : Stop Using My Late Husband's Name For Selfish Reasons

...Threatens To Call Out The Perpetrators If They Failed To Heed The Warning In A Release 

           •Dr. Joe Okei - Odumakin

Dr. Joe Okei - Odumakin 

After a life dedicated to the intense struggle for justice, fairness and natural identity, we reconcile ourselves to a great void that would not be filled.

We also dedicate ourselves to the duty of honouring his core convictions. It will be compulsory for us to go beyond piecemeal records to a compendium. A corpus that exhaustively sums up the essential Yinka Odumakin.

More importantly, a Yinka Odumakin Foundation shall be established to keep his benefits, his legacy to mankind beyond the grave.

But we must Express our unceasing gratitude to everyone for uncommon outpouring of empathy, solidarity and support in many ways.

From the federal government to states and his friends older and younger. His associates and comrades all too numerous to mention, we thank you all. We are grateful.
We must also appeal to those who keep using Yinka Odumakin’s name for wrong and selfish reasons to please stop. We do not wish to call people out at this point but we might be very direct if such abuse continues.

Once again we thank you all and pray that we share more cheering events ahead.

Dr. Joe Okei Odumakin
For the family

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