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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Efunroye Tinubu’s Estate: Trustees Reaffirm Removal of Adamakin Investment & Works Limited as Attorney

Statue of Madam Tinubu in Lagos

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The legal trustees of the estate of the late madam Efunroye Tinubu  have reaffirmed the revocation of the appointment of the former attorney, Adamakin investment and works limited and its director Akinfolabi Akindele, declaring that the decision is both irreversible and irredeemable.

The trustees, therefore, also announced the appointment and endorsement of Lagoon Park Global Resources Limited as the family’s current and authentic attorney. 

EFUNROYE  Tinubu, born in 1810 in Ojokodo in what is today called Ogun State and popularly known as Madam Tinubu, was an accomplished and wealthy  businesswoman, kingmaker and about the pioneer woman activist against British rule in Nigeria during the colonial era, and rising to become a major figure in Lagos and Abeokuta (Egba) politics at the time.

With her astuteness in business and politics in Lagos stretching up to Badagry and Egba in Ogun State, she built a formidable business empire and estate, dealing also in tobacco, salt, palm produce and domestic servants.

 Today, a Board of Trustees exists to manage her estate.

The Board of Trustees is made up of its Chairman, Alhaji Adio Kassim Lumosa, Vice Chairman, Chief G O Fasetire, the Secretary, Mr. Temilola Adesanya, and the Treasurer, Chief Shafiu Kassim Lumosa.

At the weekend, the Trustees in a joint press briefing, clarified to newsmen in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital, that the appointment of the former attorney, Adamakin investment & works limited and its director Akinfolabi Akindele, has been revoked.

•Trustees & family members

The trustees alleged that the former attorney acted improperly, and was no longer working in the best interest of the family. 

They noted that since 1955, the courts have been appointing members of trustees for the estate of late Madam Efunroye Tinubu, explaining that the current trustees were appointed in 2002 by the high court of Lagos state Ikeja Judicial Division. 

The trustees added that the former attorney, Adamakin Investment and Works Limited, whose Director is Akinfolabi Akindele was appointed in August 2012 but his appointment was revoked in April 2017 following  alleged refusal to render account of stewardship to the family. 

They lamented that despite the revocation, Adamakin Investment and its Director, Akinfolabi Akindele have, allegedly, continued to parade itself as the attorney.

The Trustees, however, said the appointment now stands revoked irretrievably.

 ‘’Adamakin investment and works limited and its director Akinfolabi Akindele remain revoked as attorney and shall never be reinstated as an attorney to the Estate of Late Madam Efunroye Tinubu.’’

The trustees recalled that the suit filed against Adamakin Investment and works Limited and its director Akinfolabi Akindele before the Ogun state high court, has been withdrawn to avoid duplication of cases as a similar suit filed before the Lagos high court still subsist.

The trustees vowed to vigorously pursue the matter until they obtain justice for the family and recover what was due to it.

The family said the police are currently investigating the activities of the former attorney in respect of the estate, warning that anybody dealing with the company and its directors on behalf of the trustees is doing so at his or her own peril.

‘’We hereby call on Lagos State Surveyor General, Lagos state, Land registry, Ministry of Justice, Lagos state, the Inspector General of Police and the Commissioner of Police Lagos Command to take note of this about our former attorney Adamakin Investment and work Limited."

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