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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Attahiru's Death : A Setback To The War Against Terrorism In Nigeria

"Attahiru's Death is Shocking, Suspicious and a Setback to the war against Terrorism in Nigeria"

By Adekunle Alaye

The demise of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Ibrahim Attahiru on Friday evening, in a plane crash (Air Force Jet) on route Abuja to Kaduna, still appears incredibly incredible. 

The death of the young and gallant army chief, occurred shortly after the controversial breaking news of the terrorists group commander (Shekau). Of course much as Shekau's death should be celebrated, it is also not a "glorious dawn" for us yet, in the fight against terrorism in Nigeria.

The immediate suspicion of the Chief of Army Staff's (Attahiru) death can be incontrovertibly likened to such a conspicuous coincidence of the Bokoharam group leader's (Shekau) death. Though we can not be too hasty with a conclusion here that Attahiru's sudden death in the plane crash on Friday, was orchestrated by some forces and eminent personalities in the country. Especially that the reports sorounding the tragic incidence still seems sketchy.
However, the unfortunate development has attracted several speculations but none of these of course can be regarded as impeccable information. Which intriguingly enough, has also suggested the salient reason for insinuating that his death was masterminded by some powerful forces in the country.

Be that it may the precidence of how military or eminent personalities have also been killed in Nigeria, through the same means can also be considered a cardinal factor for the suspicion trailing the chief military officer's (Attahiru) death. A good example of the "Ejigbo Plane Crash" during the "military junta" and many others that have claimed lives of Nigerian heroes.

 The death of the Chief of Army Staff no doubt will disrupt the military architecture of the armed forces, especially in this spate of insecurity in the country. What a setback and indeed a disturbing development in the critical period of this nation.

 I really do hope that the shocking atmosphere, vacuum and a more formidable military architecture shall be worked out in no time to put the security challenges in the country into a halt and ward-off all forms of tensions in Nigeria.

Rest in Peace  Lt. General Ibrahim Attahiru. Indeed your death is a big loss to the country at large.

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