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Monday, April 5, 2021

Interrogating Obasanjo - Gumi Solutions To Insecurity

                    •Obasanjo & Gumi

 By  Rasheed Olokode

THE Obadanjo-Gunmi's resolutions, at best, depicts a discourse that was pedestrian and utopian.
If anything, it betrayed a party that talked about ideals in a meeting where the real barriers that made such lofty concepts impossible till date and which are most likely to render them unrealistic were deliberately avoided.
For instance, urging the Federal Government to secure a boosted capacity for security maintenance bespeaks ignorance, deliberate insincerity or outright hatred for Nigeria and Nigerians. Surely, the least intelligent amongst us knows that this suggestion amount not just to the upholding but unfortunately the elevation of our failed status quo.

Another distasteful resolution, which at best, represents a mockery of the sensibilities of truly patriotic Nigerians, apart from its plain status as a mere lip service and perfunctory statement which conforms with our leadership's habit of 'telling them what they want to hear' is the allusion to the power of Governors as Chief Security Officers. Or, what can be more annoyingly deriding than the reference to the significance of the community in relation to the question of security in a Nation where even state governments are lame ducks in terms of constitutional powers and resources? 

Laughable! That "we must not all support criminalitiess' in a system that is actually configured to breed more of criminals than responsible citizens. Thank God, they, at least, once again, paid lip service to the imperatives of education as the only panacea for law and order.
Truth is that it is never likely that Nigerian elitist class will ever support the de-commercialization of education which will return the children of both the haves and the have-nots to free or even cheap public primary and secondary schools where the needed gap- bridging and social integration-promoting  reorientation project that bleeding Nigeria needs desperately can be achieved.

Not just laughable but also annoying is the call for the return of out-of-school children to schools by the very class of selfish culprits who either deliberately destroyed the olden day public education system or are latter generation beneficiaries of the commercialization of education in Nigeria, in their status as private school proprietors across the Nation.

As a way forward, in my own office of the Nigerian citizen, I, Rasheed Olokode, hereby suggest the substitution of the Gunmi-Obasanjo meeting resolutions with the following resolutions of the Nigerian masses which I have, over a long time, learnt through real life interactions with the people who know where the shoe pinches - the Nigerian masses:
 Nigeria must be urgently restructured to achieve the following:

 Power decentralisation in such a way that will concentrate more powers in both the state and local governments
 Crash both the monetary and paraphenelia packages of political offices such that the highest paid public officer holder will not earn above the directorial cadre of the civil service at the state or federal level
 Establish a policy of making political office holders to pay for such amenities as housing, electricity even within government facilities, through direct deduction from their earnings 
Resource control policy that will turn the Federal Government into a dependant on statutory incomes channeled by states into its coffers 

 Urgent, revolutionary and holistic reform of the Nigerian educational system and policy that will ensure that:
a.Over 80% of school age children are enrolled in public schools for the purpose of social integration amongst the different strata of the citizenry. 
b. Out-of-school, street boys and girls get arrested and taken not to detention centres but to schools, skill acquisition centres or even rehabilitation centres 
c.Children and wards of public office holders and top civil servants, from the directorship cadre, compulsorily get enrolled in public schools - primary, secondary and tertiary
d. A total review and overhaul of the educational curriculum to reflect contemporary global trend of smart curricula 
e. A total reversal of the educational psychology and attitude of the average citizen that will halt premature school enrolment with all its listless evils as well as put an end to the characteristically Nigerians'mad rush for academic certificates 
f. Urgent promotion of technical and vocational education through mass centre establishment, heavy funding and adequate incentivization through official recognition and admission technical and vocational certicates into public and private employment requirements 
g. Return of the primary education into its real status as the basic, foundational level of education where only truly basic subjects like English, Arithmetic, General Science, Social Studies and the likes will be taught. By implication, the current information overload via too many broken down subjects that saddle an average primary school student with an average of fifteen subjects must be changed
h. All open and discrete practices of corruption in the educational system must be eradicated. Most importantly, sales of textbooks by schools and making of textbooks as compulsory writing materials or workbooks by publishers 
3. Urgent institution of nationwide social security policies that will target the following:
a. Unemployed youth anywhere in Nigeria 
aged Nigerians who are outside pension schemes 
c. Apprenticed artisans and technicians 
d. Structured enterpreneural grants and loans for graduates to be collaterized with original academic or technical and NYSC certificates and international passports. 

Fellow Nigerians, my opinion is not conclusive because it is just to make us think differently as a people. 
Thanks and God bless

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