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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Imo Crisis And The Burden Of Stolen Mandate


By Chidiebere Nwobodo 

I watched Gov. Hope Uzodinma's recent interview on Channels TV. Whilst the interview was on, I made a keen observation: the Governor's body language bespoke someone under crippling weight of  moral burden and struggling to gain legitimacy from the people—knowing full well that he was brazenly imposed on the people of Imo State via Supreme Court rape of democracy disguised as judgment. 

In the interview which centered on upsurge of insecurity in the State, he wanted to play a mind game on the intelligence of viewing Nigerians, of which left him further vulnerable, pummeled and clueless. He subtly countered ex-IGP Adamu on suspected perpetrators of the carnage and naively cum mischievously pointed in the direction of "disgruntled politicians" in Imo that want to destabilize his government. 

Gov. Hope Uzodinma is as guilty as former police boss who hastily accused IPOB's ESN of masterminding the heinous attacks. Muhammad Adamu wanted to rope in IPOB without even prima facie evidences to substantiate his claim. Uzodinma insinuated that his political opponents could be instigators of these attacks, but refused to mention their names. He said he didn't want to name them in order not to jeopardize investigations. The same investigation he has corrupted already by coming up with such innuendoes, conjectures and infantile propaganda. 

What Gov. Uzodinma did with that interview was free PR for IPOB; by taking off the heat of blame from IPOB and placed it on the shoulders of ghost political opponents that doesn't have names. To the man calling shots at Douglas House, he thought that his political enemies are more of a big threat to his government than the same IPOB's ESN he single-handedly invited military to come and crush in Orlu few weeks ago. When Gov. Uzodinma beckoned on military to unleash brutality in Orlu, attacks against security personnel and facilities had not commenced in the state. Maybe his political oppositions advised him to calling military then. 

Now that he should get serious with the security of his state, he is busy running from pillar to post looking for who to be scapegoated and pigeonholed for his failures. Politicizing security has never helped any government—both state and federal. Running a state with the burden of moral illegitimacy is the biggest challenge any leader can face. I don't wish to be in his shoes now. Truly, you can have power without authority. And Gov. Hope Uzodinma compounded his woes by starting his administration with political witch-hurt of opponents. 

I am not saying that he shouldn't recover government properties or exert his influence as the new sheriff in town, but doing so in crude manner he went about it—very early in his administration, created both real and imaginary enemies for him and his government. Every political strategist knows that a public office holder doesn't take on the cartel of political elites when he doesn't have the masses on his side. That's political suicide. The challenge now is that he has increasingly becoming paranoia—suspecting even his own shadows of working against him—shadow-boxing and goose-chasing the wind. This is irony of sitting on a stolen mandate! 

There has never been a perfect election in the history of Nigeria's democracy—since independence. Many of our political leaders occupying various offices got there via rigged election—to make it worse—Supreme Court validated those electoral frauds. But why Imo State case is so unprecedented and outrageous, is that whenever elections are rigged in Nigeria, it is usually the second most popular candidate that gets rigged in or enthroned by the courts. That's how this political phrase came about: "you don't rig where you're not popular". 

There's has never been a time when someone that didn't come first, second, third but fourth in an election gets certified by Supreme Court as the winner of that election. It is disgustingly brazen. What is happening in Imo State now is that Gov. Uzodinma has never mandate of the masses through ballots and some of the political elites. He is governing the state in suspension. Even a bird that flies over Government House can be misinterpreted as an enemy. The burden of stolen mandate.

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