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Saturday, April 24, 2021

I Once Took Yinka Odumakin To Our Ancestors' Spiritual Cave - Ooni

... Named Ife - Moro Road After Late Afenifere Spokesman


While some have chosen to mourn your demise, the exalted throne of Oduduwa has opted to celebrate youmy dear Peter Olayinka Odumakin. 
In death, as in life, you remain an unforgettable national personality who is so dear to us. Attestation of this consists in the heavy outpouring of grief across the nation at your sudden departure. 

But for us in IFE kingdom , your birthplace and ancestral your home, we will rather celebrate an icon graciously given to us by Olodumare. You are not dead because you can not be dead in our hearts.

You were not only a worthy son of the House of Oduduwa. You lived Oduduwa land. You breath Oduduwa. You worked tirelessly for Oduduwa. Your insightfully penetrative perspective on Yoruba cause is uncommon. Neither is your incisively biting criticism of our steps, delivered impassionately. 

As the current occupier of the throne of Oduduwa, I can not forget the many visits  you made to your birthplace during which  you were always at the Palace of Oonirisa. On one of the such visits recently, I raised concern about your health. I suggested a prayer visit to the hallowed chamber of the spirits of our ancestors. You agreed. I was elated that indeed the end of your medical challenge was near. But alas! Instead of praying for yourself and particularly the restoration of your health you shocked me when you started praying for Yorubaland instead.

Emotion overwhelmed me as you stepped out of the spiritual cave. I felt like shredding your apparels. I almost bit you, even used my nails on your body, I wondered what manner of a man would cede his once in a lifetime chance with the spirits of our ancestors and Olodumare;owners of land , sea, air, space and heavens- to his race. 

Then, that was Olayinka Odumakin, a gift to us in Moro, the calmly rustic community in the northern fringes of Ile-Ife. 

Our people across Oduduwa land can not appreciate you enough. As a token from the House of Oduduwa, I have completed all prescribed protocol for the renaming of Ife-Moro road after you. It is now to be known officially as Olayinka Odumakin Boulevard. Similarly an ultra modern garden has been named in your honour in my privately owned Students Village in Obafemi Awolowo University where a dignified bronze bust will be unveiled in your eternal honor.

Rest in peace, Omoria.   You.

Arole Oodua Olofin Adimula,
Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II,
The Ooni of Ife.
April 24, 2021

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