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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

I Feel Suicidal After Colleague Defrauded Me Of N450m - Ummi Zeezee

.                         •Ummi Zeezee

The Daily Crucible

Kannywood actress, Ummi Ibrahim,  popularly known as Ummi Zeezee is not a happy woman.

Ummi disclosed that a business colleague defrauded her of N450m in an Oil lifting deal, and the loss she added, makes her fee miserable. She also have suicidal  thoughts.

The actress disclosed this on her official Instagram handle.

”These days I live a miserable life to the extent that I want to commit suicide, but please none of you should ask me why? All I need from you people is a prayer,” ummi ibrahim zeezee shared this on her Instagram page (@ummizeezee).
The veteran actress did not disclose the identity of the business colleague or the amount involved on her post but some of her fans and colleagues have sent in encouraging messages, asking her to pray and handle the matter courageously.

However, she disclosed to the VOA Hausa that she was duped by a business colleague of the sum of N450million.

“A business colleague defrauded me of 450 million naira. I paid him that amount as my own share of the deal. We intend to start lifting crude oil, but now he has run away. This was also part of what made me feel miserable,” She told VOA.

She was one of the flamboyant actresses of 2000s and featured prominently in Kannywood movies in 2006.

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