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Monday, April 19, 2021

How Nigeria Can Make The Sports Sector Strong, Viable - Hon. Olumide Osoba

... Laments non - implementations of laws meant to improves lives of Nigerians 

... Lawmaker inaugurate 11 projects, empower 114 people to mark birthday 


From Ayobami Ife, Abeokuta

House of Representatives member, Hon. Olumide Osoba, has disclosed that the house is mulling plans on how to make the nation's sports sector  strong, viable and private sector - driven ventures.

Olumide who is the House Committee chairman on Sports said if citizens keeping believing the government should fund sports in the country, the fortune of sports would not improve, stressing that in other climes, private individuals and global companies invested and keep investing in the sector.

The lawmaker representing Abeokuta North,  Obafemi - Owode and Odeda  Federal Constituency spoke with newsmen in Abeokuta, the State capital, shortly after inaugurating eleven projects, including solar powered borehole facilities in schools and empowering of 114 people from 38 wards of his Federal Constituency in Ogun State to mark his birthday.

Fielding questions from newsmen on Sports matters  in Nigeria, Olumide said "The main problem we have in Nigeria is that everybody believes that Government should fund sport , everywhere in the world sport is funded by private sector or global companies. The premiere league is not funded by any government, the Government just put a startup fund but private individuals fund ut.

"What we would do is that we should make sure Nigeria sport go into private sector direct investment that is the only way our sport can be Improved, if you keep telling Government to fund sport in this economy downturn, it is never going to happen. We are already on that, how sport will be made as a business to generate revenue for the person that try to invest in it." 

The eldest son of former governor Olusegun Osoba noted that aside using tangible things to better the lots of his constituency,  the country's legislators could also use quality legislations to bring about positive change and developments in the lives of Nigerians but lamented that poor implementation of existing laws in Nigeria explained why things aren't going well.

He said lack of implementation of laws defeats the purpose of law making by lawmakers, lamenting further that a lot of bills have been passed by the National Assembly but were not accented to by the executive.

"The problem we have in Nigeria is that a lot of bills are proposed and passed but  when it gets to the point is going to be accent, it is never accented to. We have about  200 bills that we have passed at the end of the day they aren't accented to  if they aren't accented, there is no point.

"Apart from that we have enough laws that are not been implemented, so the implementation of laws is very important, we shouldn't think any law maker should just pass a bill or enact a law When is not going to be implemented, there are laws that if implemented, Nigeria will be better for us."

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