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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Fatness Or Slimness Of Women: Africa Lost Her Preference To The Whites

By Emeka Esogbue

Do you know that fat was African beauty of women until western orientation changed it. In traditional African society, men loved their women fat. For the true Africans in Africa, fat was the beauty of a woman. Her husband loved her fat, with large 'back' visibly thrown back for the welcomed delight of admirers and the breasts have to be large, succulent in appearance even while wrapped inside the dress and easily noticed. 

In cultural societies of the Efik, Ibibio and Calabari, husbands have to pay for their (future) wives to undergo what was called fattening room. This was a place young women that have attained puberty where taken to be prepared for womanhood. In this part of the world, it was a privilege to be fat and a sign of sexual purity to be seen as one. For this reason, ancient Efik, Calabari and Efik women were fat but all that changed.

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Fatness seemed a virtue as a man should visibly see and know who he is spending the rest of his life with. Indeed, fattening room was also a sign of fertility and virginity. It was where the women were frequently fed only to sleep, wake up and sleep again. Imagine that sometimes too, the father of the girl had to pay for her daughter to proudly pass through the fattening room just to be fat and become attractive to suitors

However, with western orientation, all of these have changed. Once the Europeans arrived Africa, everything changed including the size of beauty. 
The African man discarded his natural appreciation of beauty and took up the western preference. To the Western world, the woman needs to be slender in an attractive way and also tall. She does not require all the natural 'excessive luggage' being the preferences of the African to be beautiful. 

She needs only maybe an obscure buttocks, tiny breasts that may be less visible to the eyes marvelous though; white coloured skin and attractive eyes, 'qualities' that would have tiringly put off an Ibibio man just returning from farm and enjoyably looking to grabbing his wife for the night. Well, that's where the real beauty lies for the westerners. With superior western adverts and publicity, the idea of slender women stuck and even beauty pageants promoted them against African preferences and just like their sovereign territories and everything else, the African man lost his natural preference to the choice of the whites. Fattening rooms are like museums today. To worsen matters, variety of bleaching creams are all over the market with which African woman must bath to meet up the required standard of beauty.  

Beauty, as they say lies in the eyes of the beholder but a woman must reasonably look western to be seen as 'civilized'. What is more. Spaces are available for morning and evening jogging. Older women must also appear in knickers and trousers and no longer wrappers.

Photo of plus size ladies : sourced from nairaland.com by The Daily Crucible   

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