Sunday, April 11, 2021

Ebube What ?

By Vitus Ozoke 

I hope these clowns realize that Ebube Agụ is simply a cop out; it's a surrender. The full version of Ebube Agụ is Ebube Agụ Na-eche Agụ (The lion's glory is its shield). That's not a good name for a serious security outfit.

Ebube Agụ simply means that the lion cannot defend itself, but its reputational glory will deter potential attackers. Really? That's all you got? A wish that your enemies will be deterred by your glory? C'mon, that is neither a security plan nor a defense policy!

Who comes up with these ridiculous names? Nnia Nwodo and his Ọhaneze, not too long ago, came up with Ogbunigwe (weapon of mass destruction) as the name for southeast security network. And here you have southeast governors call theirs Ebube Agụ.

How do you move from weapon of mass destruction to the lion's glory will shield it? How do you dash from one extreme to the other? One minute you are blowing up the entire universe, and the next minute you are hiding behind your glory.

If your security mantra is Ebube Agụ Na-eche Agụ, you better hope your glory is well established so it can have deterrence effect. A governor whose subjects are murdered and raped by Fulani terrorists, but who weeps his way to Abuja, does not necessarily look like a lion with established glory. So, where is this lion, and where is its glory?

Seriously, Igbo security can no longer be entrusted to Igbo politicians. They are a security threat. They are seriously compromised. Instead of these ridiculous Ogbunigwe and Ebube Agụ caricatures, why not just stick with the Eastern Security Network (ESN)? It's already in existence, build on what they already have. But whatever you do, please drop this defeatist and surrenderist Ebube Agụ. It is depressing already.

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