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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Banishing The Law From Our Land

By Armah Elibe

More police installations across the South-East are going up in flames, the orgy of madness and lawlessness has continued to spread with ease like unchallenged harmattan fire.
As it appears, there's no one in sight who has the balls to as much as cough in either disagreement or simply to interrupt this trend. "EBUBE AGU" seems either a joke, simply another political photo ops, an idea  yet unborn, or to be under political and administrative inertia.
Unfortunately, Ndigbo are too far gone into the bowels of hate that no admonition will turn them back to sanity.
We are like sheep being led to the slaughter by the superior forces of the powers that superitend over our hate consumed consciousness.
We are seemingly unstoppable, set to groan under the yoke we enshackled ourselves with, no retreat is likely.
Those clapping under the table in support of the madding crowd as sanity takes flight of our climes are in the majority, over 90% of our people, the voices of reason are drowned in the evil melee as they are in the minority.
Even those we call the men of letters, the educated elite, are deeply buried, head deep in the postulations and campaigns of odium ochestrated by those who can barely write their own names.
The few non conniving elders quake and tremble in fear, they have lost their voices and the authority accrueing from the highly regarded red cap and its white feather.
If we show no respect to any of our elders in a land overflowing with high chiefs, Ndi Nze na Ozo, Igwe in council etc, how can we convince Nigerians that one of these men can be President over them?
We are not only destroying police stations and banishing the law from our land, we have chosen to rip the land bare of every culture that ruled the land and administered justice and peace into it.
We have expelled all cadres of authority and invited lawlessness and anarchy to take the place of social sanity.
We must brace up for what hate has made us bring upon ourselves. You can ask Somalians.
Let historians get their reeds and tablets ready, the unfolding history must be recorded for future generations.

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