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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Singer Mariah Carey Is 52, Her Birthday Special

•Mariah Carey

The Daily Crucible

American singer, songwriter, record producer and mother of two, Mariah Carey is 52 today.

Two days earlier, Mariah Carey observed posthumous birthday for the legendary Queen Of Soul Music, Ms Aretha Franklin Aretha was born on March 25, 1942 and left the world for the heavenly realm 
August 16, 2018, celebrating it by revisiting their VH1 'Divas Live' Performance  - Diva Week -- a weeklong stretch of her, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan and Diana Ross' birthdays -- with a special tribute to Franklin on Thursday which would have been Aretha's 79th birthday.

Mariah is reputed for her five-octave vocal range feat and enthralling singing style coupled with her signature use of the whistle register.

It is not by chance that the actress is complementingly referred to as the "Songbird Supreme" and the "Queen of Christmas" by jurists in the entertainment and music world.
The singer once said, “Basically I started singing when I started talking. Music has just been my saving grace my whole life.” 

Many will agree that hearing her songs is a saving grace as well. Mariah Carey was born on March 27, 1969, in Huntington, New York. Her name was derived from the song “They call the Wind Maria” originally from the 1951 Broadway musical Paint your Wagon. She is popularly referred to as to the “Songbird Supreme” and the “Queen of Christmas.”

According to The Free Press, here are some of the birthday girl’s best songs.

All I want for Christmas is you : This is a lot of people’s go to Christmas song. This song manages to hit all the right spots. It puts people in the Christmas mood and it’s also wonderfully romantic. 

Fantasy: This song manages to capture all the feelings one goes through when they start to catch feelings for someone. Everything feels like a fantasy come true while cupid’s at work and apparently Mariah agrees.
• Mariah Carey
Always be my baby: This song reminds us of those heartbreaks that we go through after which the love still lives on.

Vision of Love: Sometimes our imagination and day dreaming gets us through the days where we don’t have someone by our side and this song explains that in the most beautiful words

Emotions: Emotions has got the perfect beat and of course the legendary high note is definitely worth listening to.

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