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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Presidency 2023 And The Igbos

By Doyin Okupe

An Igbo President is only possible if we are able to evolve a grand National Consensus on the project such as that which was enacted in 1999, when the two presidential candidates were Yoruba.
A national consensus for Igbo Presidency cannot evolve until the core north forgives the Igbos for the killing of Sardauna of Sokoto by nigerian soldiers of Igbo extraction in the 1966 Coup.
This is the political Knot only the Igbo leaders must spearhead and with the support of other well meaning Nigerians, resolve with a high level of humility and political dexterity. 
If this consensus emerges, in the interest of equity, fairness and national unity, I will shelve my ambition and support whoever is chosen as a candidate by my party.
However, in the event that this national consensus is not achievabe, I WILL RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2023 by the Grace and Mercy of God Almighty.
I arrive at that submission on the Igbos and 2023 because unless a national concensus emerges, it will be impossible for a nigerian president to emerge from the east. This is a political fact.
It is not just the east but also neither the SW, SS nor the middle belt can produce a president without a national concensus.
Unfortunately the North with its numbers only need one other zone in the south to produce a President. This is also a fact. Check Alhaji shehu Shagari's election results.

The SW produced a president in 1999 through this national concensus. FACT.
If the North for whatever reason does not buy-in into the Igbo Presidency it is not going to be feasible.  FACT.

So I advocated for the development of the much needed national concensus to make the 2023 Igbo presidency dream a reality and all hell let lose and Venom poured copiously on me.

I even stated that if this concensus emerges I will drop my personal ambition to run in 2023. Yet a rabbid attack was unleashed on me.

Some even suggested that because of this I will not be president.
Wow!!! How foolish.

If speaking the truth will stop me from becoming President then I will NEVER stop speaking the Truth.

If this nation abhors the truth and disparages those who speak the truth with courage, then the nation must prepare to bear the consequences of unrighteousness. For ONLY righteousness will exalt this nation.

For the avoidance of doubt a lot of healing needs to be done in this land. Also political problems require political solutions. In a multi ethnic, cultural and religious nation like ours, and given our chequered history, power can only go round through negotiations, platitudes, understanding and application of wisdom.
It cannot be by force, blackmail or upon justifiable demand or idle entitlement disposition.

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