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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

No Individual Or Group Can Foist Biafra, Oodua On Niger Delta Region - Uranta

The Daily Crucible

The United Niger Delta Energy Development Security Strategy (UNDEDSS) says no individual or group should foist Biafra, Oodua, or any group outside of Nigeria on the oil bearing region, the UNDEDSS Executive Secretary, Mr Tony Uranta has declared.

Uranta in a statement in Lagos said that the Niger-Delta had not taken a stand on the ongoing agitations by various emancipation groups, explaining that when the time comes, the Niger Delta would be free to decide if it wanted to continue to be part of Nigeria or not. 

He made this known on Wednesday following the renewed agitations that had rocked country in recent times from individuals and groups allegedly canvassing separation agenda.

“In pursuant of the Niger Delta’s position during last night’s raucous nationwide virtual meeting of emancipation groups and other relevant delegates, UNDEDSS hereby declares that 'No one individual or group can claim to be speaking for the six states that made up the South-South and in any way compel the region to be part of Biafra, Oodua or any other group outside of Nigeria.

“Only PANDEF, led by Chief Edwin Clark, can call for an extraordinary meeting at which such a weighty decision can be taken, if at all.

“We reiterate, going forward that any map that deems to drag Niger Delta water and land into anything other than Nigeria, shall be deemed to be intentionally auctioned against the Niger Delta until an extraordinary meeting of PANDEF declares otherwise,’’ Uranta said.

He urged the National Assembly to discontinue work on the Water Resources Amendment Bill; describing it as an attempt to steal the Niger Delta’s ancestral land and water.

The executive secretary urged the Federal Government to convene a National Security Round-table before the end of March to address security, foods and other challenges facing the country. 

According to him, this would help the nation to prevent an experience akin to that of Libya and Somalia.

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