I Never Imagined I'd Own A Home In Banana Island, Drive Car Worth N100m - Linda Ikeji - THE DAILY CRUCIBLE



Tuesday, March 2, 2021

I Never Imagined I'd Own A Home In Banana Island, Drive Car Worth N100m - Linda Ikeji

•Linda Ikeji

The Daily Crucible
Self - made woman and Africa's foremost
blogger, Linda Ikeji, has said she never knew or imagined that she would one day own a home in highbrow Banana Island, Lagos or drive cars that worth over N100m each.

The 40 - year old fashionista and mother, who recently revealed that her body shape is natural, said she only prayed God to give her just a good life, knowing that "runs' wasn't an option" for her.

The social influencer disclosed this on social media in her message for the new month - March, 2021, where she also gave her fans a prayer point to meditate and pray upon.

Linda stated: "For the number of years I prayed and worked for success, I never imagined I'd one day own a home in Banana Island or be driving cars that cost over N100m each. A feat I achieved on my own with God's Grace and favour. To be honest, I never dreamt as far as I have come and as far as I know I'm going. I just wanted my own money, in anyway it could give me a good life because I knew doing 'runs' wasn't an option for me. JBut God showed Himself. There are a lot of you out there struggling and in despair, wondering when God will come through for you. You've put in the work, where's the success and money that's supposed to come? How long shall you labour? Well, as we enter a new month, I want you to enter a new chapter of your life, so I'm going to share a prayer with you. Please recite in your own time (this is not for everyone). 
Prayer below Dear God, today l grant you permission to go into the foundation of my destiny and uproot all negative covenants and agreements entered into before l was born and after that is standing in my way to fulfill my dreams and be successful. All covering cast over my life, causing my testimonies to be delayed, Lord let them burn off today. Dear Lord, anywhere I missed it at any point in my life, l ask of your mercy and forgiveness today. Let all judgements against my victory be canceled by your mercy. Jehovah, do not let me labour in vain. Let everything I lay my hands on prosper. In places they planned to say NO, let them say YES! Go before me to open doors that would have been shut in my face. Bless me much more than I deserve. Bless me with the things I didn't ask for or even imagined was possible. Bless me beyond my wildest imagination. From today onwards, let me experience Victories upon Victories, and favour upon favour through the mercy and speaking blood of Jesus. Amen .Happy new month."

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