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Thursday, March 18, 2021

I'm Eyeing Rolls Royce, Says Linda Ikeji


From Jane Okafor, Abuja

Self - made woman and blogger, Linda Ikeji, seemed to be nursing another big dream. 

This time, her eyes appeared trained on top - notch  auto product; Rolls Royce.

The 40 - year old fashionista and mother, who recently revealed that she never knew or imagined that she would one day own a home in highbrow Banana Island, Lagos or drive cars that worth over N100m each, has now hinted that acquiring Rolls Royce is her latest dream.

According to Linda, no amount of bad mouthing or gossiping about her by people will stop the actualization of the burning desire for Rolls Royce.

"I'm not an overly cautious person. I'm not sure if it's a good thing but I'm just not one of those that thread carefully with others. If you come around me with bad intentions..that is your business...when you're tired, you and your bad intentions will waka go front. I no send. Lol.

And if I tell you my secrets and you go and tell other people, eh ok, what will happen? They will come and beat me? And if I let you in and you go talk bad about me behind me; I ask again, what will happen? The people you tell will look at me differently? And if they do, so?. Will it stop the blessings in my life? Will it stop my business from thriving? Or it will stop my family from loving me? Oh wait, it will stop me from buying that Rolls Royce that I am eyeing?
                                • Linda
I don't get it! Why should I fidget around you? I don't have time to overanalyze people and their intentions. My brain is too busy thinking of how to continue to pursue my dreams and stay happy. 

If you come around me and your heart no pure, na you go carry your hand pursue yourself. Me I know I'm going higher and higher regardless. Lol. That's my attitude sha. I don't know if it's a good thing. What about you? Are you cautious with and around people? And why? (And we are not talking about people with criminal intentions o. That one is completely different)," she stated on  the page  of one of her social media handles.

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