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Monday, March 15, 2021

Governor Ikpeazu - led State Government's Inefficiency Is Our Problem In Abia - APC Chieftain, Nnabuihe

Comrade Nnabuihe  Henry Uchendu  is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abia State. He is also a leader of the United  Niger Delta For Youth And Peace Development (UNDYPD), Abia State. Com. Nnabuihe was sighted  near the premises of the State High Court Umuahia, the State capital recently by our Regional Editor, Godwin Akomah. He bares his mind on the rising profile of APC in Abia, 

                     • Com. Nnabuihe

You are a comrade?

Yes, of course,  I am the coordinator of UNDYPD in Umuahia South of Abia State.

How does this comradeship bear on your activities?

It has relevance to my activities as a leader in UNDYPD and also in APC.  Niger Delta Development Commission is the umbrella body housing UNDYPD, and my activities within the organization and in general spheres, is why that title is apt.

 What exactly is the mission of UNDYPD?

It is for youth development within the Niger Delta region.

You seem to be a rallying point to a very large group in this state?

Yes, as a representative of the youth, things to keep one connected is inevitable. I also  have a commitment to my party APC.

:Abia State is dominated by PDP?

No. APC is almost taking over Abia State and it is already taking place.

You are a card carrying member of APC, when did you people start this regrouping that makes you think APC can threaten PDP?

APC is over ten years now, it is taking over the state. We have been building  the capacity for sometime now, and very soon, the result will speak for its self.

Which is your ward, and what's your activities that can translate this your dream to reality?

Ezeleke Ogbodiukwu is my ward, and I am the ward leader and one of the founding fathers of APC in Ezeleke Ogbodiukwu ward.

What has been the political equation, considering that PDP has been a dominant party in Abia State?

Yes, that's before, now things are different , APC has almost taken over Abia State  both in Abia North, South, and Abia central we are doing greatly well. I see the entire state voting for APC come 2023.

 Let's take your ward for instance, what are the signs?

In my ward, the evidence is that everybody both youth and the elderly have populated the party and it is the same story in other Wards throughout Abia State. For instance, in Aba, the recently concluded election in APC revealed that the calibre of the contestants involved in the process are the big names so far as politics within that region is concerned.

 Looking at the revalidation cum registration exercise ?

I am one of the officials in my Ward. I can tell you, there are a lot who come for this exercise that we are even running short of registration materials to the extent that  we  resorted to using ordinary exercise book as a temporary measure to accommodate the surge in registration. In fact, the surge is like uncontrollable water tap.
In Amachara, my own village, we have so many political big wigs like Hon. Iheanacho Obioma, Chief Uzoma Onyekwere (ON), etc, they have revalidated their party membership. In fact, the exercise is witnessing an unprecedented increase numerically. This is an indication that the clamour for change is emanating from the grass root.

What kind of ideology do you possess that makes you state emphatically that APC will over run PDP come 2023? 

The handwriting is on the  wall (clearly), people are talking good of APC comparatively. You see, this issue of who takes the blame! (remember), APC is at the federal and there is nothing that is due to every state that APC is not giving to them. The problem we are facing in this country is the  mismanagement of funds by the State. The federal government releases to the state  millions of naira monthly as it's derivative fund. What is the governor or PDP government in the state doing with the money ?  The fault is not from the federal but the state where PDP  is in charge, the fault is not from APC.

But consensus opinion is that APC at the centre has ran out of ideas, what are you people doing here to counter this opinion?

I said earlier that the fault is not the centre but the state. The state government does not reach the grass root. 
 The federal government releases fund to every state, but the same state will not let this money get to the grassroot where the effect will be felt. The fault is in the state where PDP is in charge.

 Is it PDP or APC that is incharge?

This issue is what we have  been harping on, where the state governments do not allow the local governments statutory allocations to get to them. If the federal government releases fund direct to the local governments, things will get better, like in my own local government, for instance, the Chairman is from PDP, yet the governor, also a PDP  but the state government often put eyes on the fund due to local government . Sometimes,  local governments owe their staff salaries, pension and  unable to provide social amenities to the grassroot. That's where the problem lies. If the governors could allow the local government Chairpersons to receive their allocations, from the federal , things will definitely improve at the grassroot, the local government would then be able to construct roads, do electrification, build health centres etc. But that is not the situation that prevails . When the state governments receives money on behalf of the local governments, and releases little to the local government , the local government will do little in terms of provision of the necessary amenities. 

You have the drive to get things right, but we have also noticed that the pattern is for people to use this ploy to get into political positions and will not deliver?

My people do say that the eyes are what detect a ripened or unripened corn. If I am in position today, because I am on ground, (as a grassrooter), I know the problem of my people and and my people know that I am the type that if elected or appointed into office, I won't neglect their welfare. My people so much believe in me and trust me also. They know that I am a self made person and very contented with what God has been given me. It is not what is given for their welfare that will make me grow bigger.

 As an opinion leader, what solution would you profer to this Fulani saga going on in the country?

It is a very shameful act and also a big problem to the entire country. A situation where one is now sleeping with one eye open. The country has been put to a stand still. My suggestion is that every state should have their own security out fit. Youth securing every area in the state, making sure that people coming in and going out of the state are scrutinized. This will definitely checkmate the Fulani saga and other similar security problems.

You speak like an experienced politician, what's your political aspiration concerning 2023?

I have a political ambition but my people's advice and desire will point  the way for me. My people often share their thoughts with me   issues bordering on the state and beyond, and by God's grace, my decision will be greatly influenced by what my people want, and  I rest my case on this note as 2023 is still far but I can assure you that it will be a land slide victory for APC in Abia State. 

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