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Monday, February 1, 2021

Shun Ethnic Division, Nawairudeen Society Tells Nigerians

From Ayobami  Ife,  Abeokuta

The national president of Nawairudeen Society of Nigeria, Alh. Rasheed Yusuff,  has advised Nigerians to always put the health of the country first before whatever section, ethnic, political or religious interest they represent, saying it is too late in the day for anybody to still place ethnic or sectional consideration above national interest.

Yusuff said Nigerians despite their diversities, have intermingled so much and necessitating that everybody works for the continued unity and peace of the country, even as he appealed to people or group whipping up ethnic and sectional sentiments to "cool their temper."

"Everybody should cool his temper and put Nigeria first before whatever ethnic or section he represents. Nigeria is too diverse and too intermingled to think in terms of ethnicity or religion or section.  It is too late in the day for people to be thinking of ethnicity or sectionalism for Nigerians," he said. 

The National President who gave the advice while speaking with The Daily Crucible shortly after their National seminar on capacity building  at the NUD National Headquarters, Abeokuta, Ogun State, also 
called on the government  to always put all Nigerians at heart in whatever it does for the country. 
 The event was attended by the zonal and branch of IMAMS from across the country.

Addressing the participants, Yusuff said the seminar sought to strengthen the over 50 branches of the society in Nigeria as well as imbue their leaders - Immams, with  determination to change things for the better.

Also,  the Director, National Training Centre of the society, Alh. Abduwaasihi  Aiyepola, said the seminal carefully crafted and  painted a correct picture of what the spiritual and national leadership  of the society was  promoting, that is enhancing the capacity of religious leaders for a vibrant ummah/society.

Fielding questions from newsmen,  a Chief Imam  and 
 resource  person for the seminar, AbdulRazak AbdulAzeez,  said religious disharmony in Nigeria or elsewhere is not the making of God but an act of man. 

" Believe you me, disharmony among religious groups is not for God. It to s politics. Going through Koran and the bible, you discover that the basic thing is the same. Islam says that Allah is one; Jesus thought  his adherents that the first of his commandments is that the Lord your God is one. 

"The second one is, love your brother as you love your self. The Prophet of Islam said that you are never a believer until you love your fellow human being as you love yourself. Where is the difference?

"...Muhammad and Jesus Christ were brothers. Muslims believe that Jesus Christ is a prophet of God. Any Muslim that does not recognize Jesus Christ does not have complete faith as a believer. So,  people are fighting because of their personal gains."

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