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Monday, January 11, 2021

Seun Anikulapokuti: “Afrobeating" A Birthday

By Azuka Jebose

There is that manifestation of afrobeat intellectualism in Seun Kuti. You wonder what that means?: self taught education, spurred by strong desire for equity and fairness for the black race and for the continent of Africa. 
Meet Oluwaseun Anikulapo Kuti,  frontman for his late father, Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s band, The Egypt 80 Band. Seun is sexy, to sea of female admirers. He is also brilliantly suave and articulate to others: endowed  with a rich resume of afro beat hit songs catalogue: He has  righteously stepped  on the feet prints of his late parents, the legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti, and the sexy, seductive, smooth, skinny dear dark dancer, late Fehintola. Seun is breezy, an excitement with the saxophone, sensual with broad bright smiles that spreads his baby face for the numerous female admirers. He is whimsical with his views on life, living and existence; a vibrant, fearless socio political vitality, a sculpture of his late father's appealing status, embellishing on Felasophy “music is the weapon of the future". 
Watch him on stage, a dripping synergy that would leave you gasping. Read his daily posts about universal issues on his face book wall, an uncompromising brutally blunt social engineer. Yet, deep in his heart is a special place for his beautiful daughter and wife, the only twosome that give him goose bumps any given day. 
 Seun has created a unique movement with Egypt 80 Band, patterned in his beliefs and lifestyles. He continues to conquer new frontiers with his hybrid Afrobeat performances. Seun Kuti is special to a spectacular generation X. 

Today, he adds another year to his existence on planet earth, thanks to our Ancestors and eledumare. He must be appreciated and celebrated this day, his birthday. Please salute a unique young human I was privileged his younger years at Gbemisola Street and continues to watch and follow him from a distance these interesting times of our lives.
Stay With Me!

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