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Monday, December 14, 2020

COVID - 19 : My Eyes Were Closing In Death, But God Brought Me Back To Life - Adegboruwa

"...My wife anointed me with oil, placed her hands on my chest and kept praying, making positive declarations and confessions of life. The mantle that was prayed upon during the Holy Ghost Service she tied around my neck"


-The Daily Crucible

Human Rights activist and lawyer, Ebun - Olu Adegboruwa, SAN, has given insight into how God miraculously pulled him out from the jaw of death on Saturday night, following botched steps taken to stay safe from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Adegboruwa who is a member of the Lagos State Judicial Panel on SARS, mistakenly misapplied prescribed drugs given to him to take as a precautionary measure against COVID -19 infection when a member of the panel notified him and others of having had contact with someone who had just tested positive for the virus.

The activist lawyer said that the misapplied prescriptions produced adverse reactions in him such as difficulty in breathing with his anus and scrotums shooting out as if to burst while his hands and legs also went limp.

He added that just as his "eyes were closing in death," there was also the faint thought and urge to quickly let his wife know about all bank details and how she should take care of the children as he was racing towards the other side of the divide but no strength or voice left to disclose anything to her.

Meanwhile, his wife who was calm, kept praying all through the night, rubbing him with anointing oil and tied around his neck, a mantle from the Holy Ghost service. She also sang songs of praise from hymn book until God intervened.

" I began to sing melodious hymns to God. My body regained life now, more than before," he said.

According to him, there’s only a thin line between life and death. 

Using his social media space to narrate how it all started, he said : "A member of the judicial panel on SARS alerted us of contact with one who has tested positive to COVID 19. It was then necessary to take precautionary measures to boost immunity and keep safe.

"The doctor recommended Fansidar for me, to be taken three at once and followed the next day with normal chloroquine. They’d worked perfectly for me in the past, but on this occasion however, I’d forgotten the prescription, so I took the fancidar and chloroquine all together, Friday morning.

"Throughout the sitting of the Panel that day, my eyes were bulging and I was feeling faint. I then followed with another chloroquine when I got home later on. I could hardly sleep. We had the Holy Ghost Service, but I was just barely following. Was feeling dizzy all through the night.

"In the morning on Saturday, I followed with another dose of chloroquine and went to the office to do some work against next week. I could not sit at my table so I managed to sleep a little but I was restless throughout. At about 4pm, a voice told me to go home. I packed my things and managed to drive home, with my eyes almost closing. I slept and woke up about 6pm. I was waiting for the evening so I could follow with another dose of chloroquine phosphate.

"Suddenly around 7pm, I got a seizure and I jumped up from the chair, as I was almost passing out. My wife sat me down again. By now, I was getting hot and sweating, with the two ACs in the room working fully. Then suddenly, I was fainting, my legs were loosing life and my arms were getting motionless. I was having difficulty in breathing. My stomach was turning rapidly and my anus was shooting out as if it would explode! I was now getting dizzy and feeling like throwing up. I tried to drink some water but I had to spew it out.

"We then began the prayers, binding, loosing, pleading the blood of Jesus and asking God for His mercy to spare me this once. I felt some relief and began to thank God, with my wife. In about five minutes, the rush grabbed me again, causing me to become totally agitated. Now I couldn’t talk again. I motioned to my wife to call our doctor, but his number was not going through. I managed to tell her to take me to the hospital. By now she was lost in prayers and praises to God, while she was dressing up. I felt some relief again. I could hear the voice of the children in the family lounge playing and giggling away.

"Suddenly again the seizure came, this time more severe than the earlier one. My eyes were closing in death, my arms had gone limp and I was now having difficulty in breathing. I kept telling God that we didn’t plan it this way, having survived this wicked year 2020 till now. At a point I gave up, and thought of reminding madam of all the bank accounts, the assets and all. And that she should take care of the children. But I noticed that she was calm all through, still praying and calling on God for mercy.

"Then she sat on the bed beside me and asked me to lean on her shoulder and that proved so very helpful, as I momentarily regained consciousness. My scrotum was shooting out as if to burst, and my eyes were now getting cloudy and turning. I kept leaning on her shoulders and held her so close.

"Then suddenly, she said she read at a time that when one has fainting spells, he should lie down and raise his legs above the head. She lay me down on the bed and raised my legs with the cushion. She anointed me with oil, placed her hands on my chest and kept praying, making positive declarations and confessions of life. The mantle that was prayed upon during the Holy Ghost Service she tied around my neck.

"And instantly, I felt peace, and started to regain my consciousness, but still feeling faint. I thought of life in all, the office, the struggles of life. I’d only gotten elevated to the Inner Bar about a year ago and yet to fully reap the rewards of my promotion. I looked at my phone but I couldn’t pick it. I didn’t even hear the calls coming and messages dropping. I then said in my spirit that life is vanity. But by now I felt some peace.

"My wife brought the Hymn books and we began to sing melodious hymns to God. My body had regained life now, more than before, but I was still palpitating and having occasional fainting spells. But I could sing and mutter some prayers of my own now. Gradually in moments, calm returned and I felt relieved, till we slept. My wife put the hymn book by my side and held me close. So, occasionally I would wake up in the middle of the night and beg God to allow me sing some hymns. I noticed that I could now urinate properly. This went on till morning time. Couldn’t go to church for the first time in months. But my spirit was strong and I decided to fast and to keep thanking God. At a time I became angry in my spirit, that I’d almost killed myself, for no reason. I had no COVID, I had no symptoms and I was hale and hearty and as fit as fiddle. At noon time, I begged my wife to drive us out in the Land Cruiser. I wanted her to have a feel of it and to just sit beside her and thanking God. She drove us to an eatery and we bought food and I ate in the afternoon and regained strength.

"God had saved me. And He told me that He saved me:

To serve Him,

To live righteously, and 

To help others.

Of course I got the message well and began to ask for grace to follow through.

12th December, 2020, a day that God proved Himself faithful.

"It was later on I told my wife what happened and she shouted! The previous prescription was to take the fancidar the first day and then follow up with chloroquine phosphate for the next three days, but I had taken everything at once. As I had no symptoms at the time, the drugs had nothing to fight but my organs.

"From a call to national service to the grave? God forbid! God no go shame us!

"When I gathered strength I started to check the balances in the bank accounts. Hmm! This life. A message had dropped from a Learned Brother Silk in PH for me to handle a matter for him.

"I thought I’d given enough this year but my wife said we should help people more, that life itself is meaningless if doesn’t benefit others. Some people just need 5 or 10k to survive!

"I thank you all for your prayers and love. 

"I thank God for His mercies, I thank God for a woman of faith, a prayer warrior, my care giver, my mother and my companion, Oreks.

"Emi yepere ni. Life belongs to God alone.

"God bless you all."

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  1. How can an educated person of this caliber misused prescription and when it happen fail to call the medics nor go to the hospital.