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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Cossy : Ejiro Killed Me With His Silence During Sex - With - Dog Scandal

Nigerian actress, Cossy Orjiakor, has called out the deceased prolific scriptwriter and movie producer,  Chico Ejiro, for allowing the world to tear her to shreds under the mighty sex-with-dog scandal that shook her acting career to the foundation about in 2002.

The Daily Crucible reported earlier that Chico Ejiro, popular  Nigerian movie director passed on in the early hours of Friday on  Christmas Day, after a bout of seizure. 

The President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas, confirmed the news of his death even as many other celebrities had also done on their twitter handles. 

But reacting hours after Ejiro's death, Orjiakor, in an Instagram post, recounted her experience with the deceased, lamenting that he watched on while the Nigerians tore her apart, ridiculing her during the sex-with-dog scandal.

The movie star had touched off a heated controversies from movie lovers in 2002 when a weekly magazine shared footage wherein Cossy could be seen allegedly  having sex with a dog.

The footage, said to be a clip from a movie set, attracted heated backlash at the time,  with some coming short of concluding  that she indeed had sex with a dog.

In her instagram post hours ago, Orjiakor questioned the rational behind the late filmmaker’s silence during the incident when he ought to have risen to her defence. 

She noted that Ejiro knew how the video came about and was in a better position to cast light on the matter and cleared her from the embarrassing situation but the decease, she reckoned, kept quiet while the scandal festered and gained force.

“Mr Chico Ejiro…. I remember years back. You use to like me…… I don’t say no to people. I only give conditions …..what changed ? What made you keep quiet and watch the world tear me to shreds…. during that mighty scandal you kept quiet…..

“I kept wondering why….I left the industry in shame still trying to figure out where I got it wrong….. your silence killed me. I was mocked. And still mocked. Just a simple yes that sex with dog story is part of a nollywood movie and not porn… would have preserved my sweet nature.

“Ohhh I remember your wife slapped me on that sex with dog set…. back then my teeth never sharp. Rest in peace dear. Your part of my history and also My birthday mate,” she stated. 

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